How to add additional file extensions/types for use in Inventory Solution rules

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I've added a certain file extension to the audit scan but those file types are not being captured by the software audit. Examples include TXT, NSF.

The File Properties Scan Settings were set using the same format as other extensions, namely the following File rules:

  • Where: FileType equals TXT
  • AND Where: Platform equals Windows.


Inventory Solution 7.x.


File types (or file extensions) must be added to the SMP system to make them available for use in inventory rules. 


This issue is currently under Investigation.


To work around this issue, please run through the following steps:

  1. Open SQL Enterprise Studio and pull up a Query window.
  2. Backup your database (Just in case!).
  3. Paste in the following Query:
    INSERT INTO Inv_DefaultFileXML_FileTypes VALUES ( 'Text files', '*.txt', 'Windows')
  4. Edit the query to apply to the file type you wish to capture:
    1. Replace 'Text files' with a name to use as an identifier, for example 'Config files'
    2. Replace '*.txt' with the extension you wish to capture, for example '*.config'
    3. Windows should work for most situations unless you are creating a scanning rule for another platform such as Mac or Linux.
    4. Here is the example query completed:
      INSERT INTO Inv_DefaultFileXML_FileTypes VALUES ('Config files', '*.config', 'Windows')
  5. Execute the Query.
  6. Now when you are using the File rules the added values will be available from the dropdowns.

This should allow you to add extensions successfully to the Audit scan.

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