Veritas Enterprise Vault (tm) 6.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2): Updates to DVSChecker

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Veritas Enterprise Vault (tm) 6.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2): Updates to DVSChecker


Previous versions of DVSChecker were unable to check for items that had been expired on the day it was run. This would mean that if you expire a sharer and then run DVSChecker, the expired items were incorrectly reported as missing dvs. If DVSChecker is run a day later missing dvs files aren't reported. This is because DVSChecker checks for expired items per day and not per hour/min.

A change has gone in to improve how DVSChecker reports expired items when an item has sharers. There is now a "Report Expired Items" check box, which will include expired items in the report. If this check box is cleared, Expired items will NOT be reported.

To run the DVSChecker:
DVSChecker verifies that all the .DVS files in the storage area are also in the storage database. If a .DVS file is missing, the utility lets you repair the database. DVSChecker restores saveset, vault, and ArchivePoint records for normally archived items. However, the utility does not restore WatchFile and JournalArchive records.
Note that DVSChecker does not work if items have been stored on an EMC Centera device or collected into .cab files. You must return all pending items to the Normal Email state and re-archive them.
Before you run DVSChecker, run DVSChecker.sql to install the stored procedures.
The figure below shows the main DVSChecker window:

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