Latest breaking news (LBN) for Storage Foundation Scalable File Server 5.0, and Symantec FileStore versions 5.5, 5.6, 5.7 for Linux

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Latest breaking news (LBN) for Storage Foundation Scalable File Server 5.0, and Symantec FileStore versions 5.5, 5.6, 5.7 for Linux


At this time there is no additional news for FileStore 5.6 or 5.7


NOTE# FileStore 5.5 SP1 RP1 has been reinstated as of May 13, 2010. If you had downloaded a prior version make sure to replace it with the current release from:
Storage Foundation Scalable File Server 5.5
While replacing a coordinator disk using the Storage> fencing replace command, the disks are displayed as having successfully been replaced in the Storage> fencing status command output. However, the fencing driver still contains the old coordinator disks mapping. This issue applies to the current fencing driver. (1850701)
WORKAROUND: After completing the Storage> fencing replace operation, run the Storage> fencing off command, followed by the Storage> fencing on command to refresh the mapping of the coordinator disks in the fencing driver.
Scalable File Server 5.5 does not support Access Control List (ACL) inheritance support for CIFS-based file shares. (1842202)
WORKAROUND: You can alternately manage the permissions in the following ways:
- To ensure that a complete directory tree is protected from a user, for example User_1 read access, you can remove the execute permission of User_1 from the top level directory of this tree. This will ensure that entire tree is protected from User_1.
 - You can also manually set the permissions for each file.
The Active Directory (AD) server reboots, the CIFS> server status command displays some of the CIFS nodes as in the offline/faulted state. When the AD server reboots, the status of these CIFS nodes may not automatically recover. (1829417)
WORKAROUND: If the nodes are still in the OFFLINE/FAULTED state after the AD server reboots, restart the CIFS server using the CIFS> server start command.

Storage issues relating to Scalable File Server 5.0:
 The Storage> fs create command causes a segmentation fault when "ldap" is not the last entry in the nsswitch.conf file. (1174105)
WORKAROUND: Specify "ldap" as the last entry when using the Network> nsswitch conf command.  If the problem still persists, use the following steps to resolve the problem:
1. Remove the "ldap" entry from the Network> nsswitch conf command.
2. Create the file system.
3. Add the "ldap" entry to the Network> nsswitch conf command.    
System issues relating to Scalable File Server 5.0:
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ISSUE:  The System> config import command for NTP and clock time zone configuration is not imported. Therefore, the clock time zone and NTP configurations are not restored.
Workaround: Set the NTP and clock time zone manually after the restore.


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when the ads recover, The CIFS Status of these nodes can't recover automatically

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