Cleanup Script for Storage Foundation for Windows and HA 5.x

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Cleanup Script for Storage Foundation for Windows and HA. These scripts are used when normal uninstallation of the product via add/remove program or features is not possible.

This readme included with this download provides detailed instructions of the cleanup script (cleanup.bat) that you can use to completely remove the product installation from a system.


Corrupted installation of the product and unable to remove via normal uninstall sources.


What does this script do?
You can use this script to remove fresh installations as well as upgraded clusters.

The cleanup.bat script performs the following actions:
- Cleans up all SFW, SFW HA, VCS for Windows, or DMP related packages that are currently installed on a system.
- Deletes all installed files, directories, registry keys, and Windows Add/Remove Program entries for all the related installed packages.

When to use this script?
Symantec recommends that you uninstall the product using Windows Add/Remove Program.
Use the cleanup script only in case of an incomplete or a failed product uninstallation.


 - The script asks for a confirmation to remove the infrastructure components used by the product.
The infrastructure components are shared and used by the following Symantec products:
 - Cluster Management Console (CMC)
 - NetBackup RealTime Client
 - Veritas Cluster Server One Clients
 - Symantec Foundation Manager (SFM)
 - Control Compliance Suite (CCS)
 - NetBackup (NBU)
 - NetBackup OpsCenter

If you choose "Yes (Y)" to allow the script to remove the infrastructure components, these products may not work appropriately.

To avoid the repeated confirmation prompts to remove infrastructure components, you can choose the "Yes to All option (A)" option.
The script removes all infrastructure components without confirmation.


NOTE: Select "NO (N)" if you have other Symantec/Veritas components on the server that do not need to be removed.

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