ClusterX for NLB Version 1.1 (Full)(Intel)(English)

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ClusterX for NLB Version 1.1 (Full)(Intel)(English)


System Requirements:

For ClusterX Client:

•Pentium 233 or higher
•Microsoft Windows NT Workstation* or Server, version 4.0, with Service Pack 5 or higher, or Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional*, Server, or Advanced Server
•Internet Explorer 5.0**
•Hard drive with 20 MB or more of free disk space
•64 MB or more of memory recommended***
•CD-ROM drive
•Network adapter card
•Mouse or compatible pointing device

* Windows NT Workstation and Windows 2000 Professional have a limitation on the number of inbound connections (10) that is imposed on the ClusterX client connections from clustered nodes. For this reason, you may require Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server, or Windows 2000 Advanced Server for the ClusterX client in your environment. Refer to Microsoft Support Article ID: Q122920.

** ClusterX for NLB supports Internet Explorer 4.0.1 only if the Microsoft specified Year 2000 software updates are applied.

*** The amount of memory needed varies with the number of NLB clusters and NLB cluster resources you are monitoring.


In order to start the installation of ClusterX for NLB version 1.1, open the ClusterXWLBS directory and double-click on setup.exe. For more information about ClusterX for NLB version 1.1, consult the included ReadMe.htm file.

This version of ClusterX for NLB requires a license key in order to install the software.

Note: When upgrading the ClusterX for NLB client, it is recommended to first uninstall the existing version before installing the new version. Although not required, this process ensures that unused software and Registry entries are removed.


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