Resetting Symantec Gateway Security 300 Series appliances

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You want to reset your Symantec Gateway Security 300 Series appliance and want information and instructions on the different reset options.


Basic reset
The basic reset restarts the appliance. It is similar to turning off and then turning on the appliance. All current connections including client VPN tunnels are lost. Previously connected Gateway-to-Gateway VPN tunnels are re-established when the appliance restarts. Also, the appliance performs a self-test of the hardware when the appliance restarts. To perform the basic reset, quickly press the Reset button located on the back of the appliance.

Reset to the default configuration
When you perform a reset to default configuration, the LAN subnet IP address is reset to and the LAN IP address of the appliance is reset to The DHCP server functionality is enabled, and the administrator's password is reset to blank. To reset to default configuration, press and hold the Reset button on the back of the appliance for 5 seconds.

Reset to the reserved application
A reset to the reserved application resets the firmware to the last all.bin firmware file that was used to flash the appliance. It is either the factory firmware or a firmware upgrade that you downloaded from the Symantec Web site and applied to the appliance.

Note: LiveUpdate does not download and apply all.bin firmware upgrades.

To perform a reset to the reserved application
  1. On the rear panel of the appliance, turn DIP switch 4 to the on (up) position.
  2. Quickly press the reset button.

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