Best practices for software updates on Symantec Brightmail Gateway Appliances

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What are the best practices for upgrading a Symantec Brightmail Gateway Appliance to its latest software version?


Preparing for the Upgrade

    Reducing Control Center data before the upgrade

The upgrade process might be lengthy if you have large data sources in the Control Center such as:

      o Messages in the spam quarantine
      o Messages in the Content Incident folders
      o Reports data storage
      o Operational Logs
    It is recommended to clear as much data as you can before upgrading to make the process smoother as well as reducing the backup size before the upgrade.
    Backing up Symantec Brightmail Gateway before the upgrade
    Symantec recommends backing up the current version before moving to any new release before proceeding with the upgrade.
    NOTE: Backups can only be restored back to the same version.
    (eg: If you made a backup of a Symantec Brightmail Gateway running version 8.0.3-11, you must be using 8.0.3-11 to restore the backup). Make sure you have the ISO available with the current version in the event that you need to rollback.

To make a backup of the current version:

    Login to the Control Center
    Navigate to Administration -> Hosts -> Version
    Click Backup Now
    Select Full Backup
    Select where to save the backup (On the Control Center OR an FTP server)

    NOTE: Symantec recommends saving the backup to a remote location such as an FTP server. If that is not available you can still save the backup local in the Control Center and then download it from the interface later by navigating to Administration -> Hosts -> Version -> Restore/Download

    2 - Performing the upgrade

    NOTE: For determining whether to update the Control Center or Scanners first, please see the Release notes or Software Update notes for the version you are updating to. These can be acquired by clicking the "View Description" button on the Updates page of the Symantec Messaging Gateway user interface, or going to the following link and getting the proper document:

    1. Download the latest updates from the Command Line Interface (CLI) as admin by running the following command:


        a. update download


    2. Configure the Symantec Brightmail Gateway Scanner(s) to NOT accept incoming mail:

        a. Navigate to Administration -> Hosts -> Configuration -> Click the Host
        b. Navigate to the Services tab
        c. Click “Do not accept incoming messages
        d. Click SAVE
    3. Ensure that all deliverable mail has been cleared from the Delivery queue.
        a. Navigate to Status -> SMTP -> Message Queues
        b. On the right hand side:
        Change the queue to “Delivery”, list to “All” and click Display Filtered
    4. Perform the upgrade using the Command Line Interface (CLI) as admin by running the command:

        b. update install

    5. Wait until the upgrade finishes and the appliance reboots then go to step (5)
    6. Configure the Scanner(s) to accept and deliver mail normally using the (CLI):
        a. Login as admin
          i. For versions 5.0 and 8.0: pause-mode normal
          ii. For version 9.0 and later: mta-control pause-mode resume-accept
        b. Restart the mta: service mta restart
    7. Test mail delivery and spam detection. 8. Repeat steps 1 through 6 for each Scanner then proceed with the Control Center update
    9. Perform the upgrade on the Control Center using the Command Line Interface (CLI) as admin by running the commands:

          a. update download

          b. update install

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