Configuring Symantec Antivirus for Linux (SAVFL) to download definitions from the Distribution Center of an internal LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) 2.x Server

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How would I configure Symantec Antivirus for Linux (SAVFL) to download definitions from the Distribution Center (DC) of an internal LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) 2.x server?




You would like to configure Symantec Antivirus for Linux (SAVFL) to download definitions from the distribution center of an internal LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) 2.x server.



This illustrated article in Symantec's Connect Forum may also be of assistance:  How to Install SAV for Linux (SAVFL) and Update It Using LUA 2.x (


A liveupdt.hst file can be exported from the LUA 2.x graphical user interface. The client settings file can point to one or more LUA 2.x Distribution servers. The list can include both primary servers and failover servers. LiveUpdate will attempt to connect to the servers in the order that they are listed.

To generate a host file for Java LiveUpdate clients:

  1. Click the Configure tab, and then click Client Settings.
  2. Select the Distribution Center for which you wish to create a host file, and then click Export Java Settings.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Select the location to save the file, and then click Save.

The file for Java LiveUpdate clients should be saved as liveupdt.hst. It can then be copied to the SAVFL client's working directory, which by default should be /tmp.

It is also possible to change the configuration manually, if so desired:

1. Backup the existing liveupdate.conf file

    In a terminal line:
    cp /etc/liveupdate.conf /etc/liveupdate.conf.orig

2. Enter the following into the file /etc/liveupdate.conf

hosts/0/url=http://[http served distribution repository]

# Hosts 1-3 are commented out--these three hosts are the default Symantec LiveUpdate servers.
# They could be uncommented for failover to the default servers.

Example of a working SAVFL /etc/liveupdate.conf file working with LUA:


Note: Please refer to the 'Configuring Java LiveUpdate' article for further information on the configuring Java Live Update with other usage tags, such as:



It may be necessary to add an extra entry that explicitly provides the location to the hst file:


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