Changing IP address of the Inbound or Outbound interface on Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG)

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You want to change IP address of the Inbound and / or Outbound interface on Symantec Messaging Gateway.


Since SMG version 8.0.x,  to change an interface IP address on the appliance go to Administration --> Hosts --> Configuration, then click on the host to be modified and select the Ethernet tab. Change the values and click the Save button. After a few moments the following message will display:

    The Control Center is being assigned a new IP address. This may take several minutes. The process is complete when you can access the Control Center in your browser using the new IP address. After that, log into the command line interface and restart the Control Center by typing service controlcenter restart. If you are already connected via ssh then do not expect the message of the controlcenter restarted since the destination IP is unreachable due to the change of IP configuration. You migh ping the old and new IP to see which one is up. Then close ssh client and the browser to log in to the Control Center using the new IP address.

Perform the instructions noted in this message.

If the IP address of the Control Center is changed, subsequently log into each of the scanner's command-line interface. Use the agent-config command to re-allow the secured connection to the Scanner from the new Control Center IP depending which version of Messaging Gateway you are using:

Messaging Gateway 8.x:

agentconfig --add <IP address of new control center>


Messaging Gateway 9.x:

agent-config --add <IP address of new control center>

No further configuration on the SMG is required. Other devices may need to be reconfigured , such as firewalls and mail servers to direct mail to, or accept mail from the SMG's new IP address.


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