Best practices for file type exclusions on Symantec Protection for Network Attached Storage.

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What file types do Symantec recommend for exclusion from realtime scanning in a deployment of Symantec Scan Engine (SSE) or Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) for Network Attached Storage (NAS)?


As with any other realtime Antivirus scanner, there are certain file types that are not indicated for either real-time scanning, or frequent interactions by other processes.
This information largely depends on the environment being used.  The files in the list below are recommended to be excluded from realtime scanning.

In addition to the list below, there is a need to understand which files are likely to change on a frequent basis in the NAS environment,  and to consider them for exclusion from realtime scanning as well.

The following files change very frequently and are accessed by multiple users, so the scanners performance could be affected by scanning them in realtime.

    • Database files, such as MDB, LDB and NSF
    • User mailboxes
    • User profiles
    • Group profiles
    • Logs


NOTE: when scanning Windows User Profiles for instance, the number of Scan Requests generated is very high. In this scenario it's crucial to assess Hardware and Network Resources properly for the users not to experience slow or denied access to their profiles.


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