Symantec @ Black Hat USA 2017

Symantec @ Black Hat USA 2017

Visit Booth #507 to experience the advantages of Integrated Cyber Defense

Symantec @ Black Hat 2017

Booth #507

Date: July 26–27

Venue: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

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Learn how to protect the cloud generation at Black Hat 2017.

Join Symantec's security researchers and experts as they share their analysis of the latest cyber threats, trends, and attackers. Visit us at booth #507 at Black Hat USA.

Get first-hand details on why Symantec is the first company to fully secure a large scale enterprise shift to the cloud with our Integrated Cyber Defense platform including:

  • Delivering unmatched threat intelligence and protection across your users, information, messaging, and web properties.
  • Integrating the best of cloud and on-premises technology in a scalable, enterprise security platform.
  • Providing a safe, well-defined path from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

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Symantec Sessions

Title: Combatting advanced cybersecurity threats with AI & Machine Learning

Speaker: Andrew Gardner, Sr. Technical Director

Abstract: Advanced AI & ML are the future of cybersecurity.  They are used to compile complex patterns & understand interactions from diverse security data. This session will demonstrate how it works.

Date: Wednesday, July 26th
Location: Business Hall – Theater A
Time: 1:50pm


Title: Digital vengeance: exploiting the most notorious C&C toolkits

Speaker: Waylon Grange, Senior Threat Researcher, Symantec

Abstract: Every year thousands of organizations are compromised by targeted attacks. In many cases the attacks are labeled as advanced and persistent which suggests a high level of sophistication in the attack and tools used. Many times, this title is leveraged as an excuse that the events were inevitable or irresistible, as if the assailants' skill set is well beyond what defenders are capable of. To the contrary, often these assailants are not as untouchable as many would believe. If one looks at the many APT reports that have been released over the years, some clear patterns start to emerge. A small number of Remote Administration Tools (RATs) are preferred by actors and reused across multiple campaigns. Frequently cited tools include Gh0st RAT, Korplug/Plug-X, and XtremeRAT among others. Upon examination, the command and control components of these notorious RATs are riddled with vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities that can be exploited to turn the tables from hunter to hunted.

Date: Thursday, July 27
Location: South Seas CDF
Time: 3:50-4:40pm


Title: Wire me through machine learning

Speakers: Ankit Singh, Threat Analyst Engineer, Symantec, Vijay Thaware, Security Response Lead, Symantec

Abstract: In this world of technology where communication through email plays an important role, vicious threats also follow. One of the most beautifully crafted email threats commonly known as Business email compromise (BEC) scam or CEO fraud has shown its impact on more than 400 organizations, resulting in a loss of over US $3 billion. The BEC scam, also known as whaling, is a targeted attack sent to higher-level management, specifically to C-level executives, masquerading as an email communication from a CEO to a CFO. These emails are designed in a way that is intended to influence the target to perform financial transactions such as wire transfers at short notice. These attacks are successfully carried out by first building a level of trust with the target. This session will throw light on one of the most important tactics used by attackers to design and execute a BEC attack through machine learning.

Date: Wednesday, July 26
Location: Lagoon DEFJKL
Time: 10:30am-10:55am


Booth Activities

Interact with our security experts and enter to win a Norton Core!

Symantec Theater Presentations

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    Description:  An introduction to AI & ML and how it is integrated with Symantec products to provide real customer value.
  • Recognizing the Changing Cyber Capabilities of Global Adversaries
    Description: Applying Symantec's unique data sets, the Managed Adversary and Threat Intelligence (MATI) team has uncovered the adversary's exploitation tools and techniques as well as the development and use of mobile platform and data destruction malware
  • Understanding the Security Gap between Firewalls and Proxies
    Description: Learn what a Secure Web Gateway adds to your security and the reasons it's a vital component of your layered defense strategy.