#BeCyberSmart with Symantec this October

Learn best practices to improve your personal and professional cyber security awareness.

Join Symantec throughout the month of October to celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month as we explore the theme of “Own IT. Protect IT. Secure IT” by offering free webinars and other resources.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month - Own IT

October 2 - 10 AM Pacific

Speakers: Paige Hanson | Collin Robinson | Larry Magid | Kelvin Coleman

Start October strong with Symantec and National Cyber Security Awareness Month partners, the National PTA, Connect Safety and the National Cyber Security Alliance, to learn how to protect the devices you use day to day. Understanding how to protect your most significant personal information is crucial in this world of constant connection.

We will focus on elements of home and family and the topics will include:

  • Safe social media
  • Updating your Privacy Settings
  • Best practices for device applications (apps)

Paige Hanson

Chief of Identity Education, Norton Lifelock Symantec

Collin Robinson

Board Member, National Parent Teacher Association

Larry Magid

CEO and Co-Founder, ConnectSafely.org

Kelvin Coleman

Executive Director, National Cyber Security Alliance

Don’t Let Your Social Network Profile Get Hacked

We see it all the time – social network profile accounts getting hacked! Sometimes the accounts belong to our friends, family, or even co-workers. How did this happen? What can you do to be more aware of what attackers are looking for in order to impersonate you and take over your account?

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month - Secure IT

October 9 - 10 AM Pacific

Speakers: Dina Steinke | Michael Enos | Zara Smith

Symantec invites you to join us, as well as TechSoup and the Michigan Small Business Development Center, for a discussion on how to apply added layers of security to your devices and online accounts. The changes in technology are not slowing, with all of the changes cybercriminals are adapting to become more sophisticated. Better protect your personal info with available security features on your own devices.

We will focus on small businesses and nonprofits and the topics will include:

  • Creating strong, unique passphrases
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Safe online shopping
  • How to spot and avoid phishing

Dina Steinke

Sr. Director and Interim Security Leader, LifeLock Norton

Michael Enos

Senior Director of Community and Platform, Techsoup Global

Zara Smith

Strategic Program Manager, Michigan Small Business Development Center

How to Identify and Avoid Email Phishing Scams

Phishing scams come in many different forms, from fake emails and pop-up ads to phony phone calls and bogus websites. One of the most common forms is the email phishing scam. How do you protect yourself against email phishing scams?

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month - Protect IT

October 16 - 10 AM Pacific

Speakers: Kevin Haley | Eva Velasquez | Ryan Lawless

As we wrap up National Cyber Security Awareness month join Symantec and partners The Identity Theft Resource Center and Infolock for our final webinar. Whether you are connecting to networks or collecting customer/consumer data, protection is needed. This group of speakers will help familiarize you on how to check your systems and how to keep others’ data safe.

Topics will include:

  • If You Connect, You Must Protect: updating to the latest security software, web browser and operating systems
  • Wi-Fi safety
  • If You Collect It, Protect It: keeping customer/consumer data and information safe

Kevin Haley

Senior Director, Symantec Security Technology & Response

Eva Velasquez

President and CEO, Identity Theft Resource Center

Ryan Lawless

Sr. Consultant, Infolock Advisory Services

How to Prevent Your Data from Getting Leaked

Hackers seem to be everywhere, lurking in the background just waiting for us to make a careless mistake and provide them with easy access to our data. We send data through email, transport it on removable media, and even store it in the cloud – but is that data safe? How can we protect our sensitive data from getting leaked? The solution to protecting your data is easier than you think, with the help of a technology called data loss prevention.

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