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Accidentally Delete the ServiceDesk Home Page

Created: 08 Aug 2012 • Updated: 08 Aug 2012
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We accidentally deleted the home page from our test Service Desk and it resulted in the following error when users would try to login:

We looked around connect and found a couple articles that provided some work arounds but nothing that would really "fix" the problem.

Here are the work arounds if you would like to take a look:

The solution we came up with is to recreate a new page with the old PageID which will restore the system without changing a bunch of other settings.  The information below walks you through the steps required to restore a new home page with the same PageID as the old one..

Restore deleted homepage

1. Record the PageID from the error you receive when logging in

2. Create/find a new home page.  We were able to export our homepage from our production environment.  If this is not an option you could create a new one with the webparts that you want.

3. Once you have created/found the replacement home page we are going to export it.

4. Open the exported axd file in notepad

5. Select Edit and Replace…

6. Copy the PageID from the top of the file into the Find what box

7. In the Replace with box enter the PageID from the Error message and click Replace All

8. We can now reimport our modified page and it will take the “identity” of the deleted page.

**Note**  If you created a new page or exported from another system make sure to ensure the permissions on the recently imported page are correct!