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ActiveX Controls Custom Inventory for Windows XP and Inventory 6.1

Created: 06 Dec 2011 • Updated: 06 Dec 2011
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During our efforts towards moving to Windows 7, one obstacle which came up frequently was dealing with ActiveX controls installed in the browser.  We are in transition from nearly all users being Administrators of their XP boxes, to (nearly) all users being limited on their Win7 boxes.  Microsoft provides some ways to manage ActiveX (including using approved controls, managed codebases, and some others), but first you need to know what you have.  To this end, I found a mostly undocumented WMI class (thanks to this Hey, Scripting Guy! blog and this TechNet article at Microsoft) and build a custom inventory to call the WMI class MicrosoftIE_Object from the WMI namespace "\root\cimv2\Applications\MicrosoftIE".  Note that this WMI namespace and class only seem to exist on WinXP and possibly Server 2003, so it won't return any results on Win7 or Vista machines.  The second Microsoft article also lists details of how to gather the same data via parsing the registry.  For my purposes, the MicrosoftIE_Object method is sufficient at this time, but if necessary I'll go back in and build a true registry parsing Custom Inventory job to handle it.

The attached is for Altiris/Inventory Solution 6.1, but I'm sure the basic script provided in the Microsoft articles above could be easily adapted to work in Inventory 7.x Custom Inventory VBscripts as well (I'm sure I'll cross that bridge when I get there)!