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Altiris Agent Migration to Symantec Management Platform 7.5

Created: 12 Dec 2013 | 2 comments
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The following process is a guide on how to migrate endpoints from previous versions of Altiris to Symantec Management Platform 7.5 utilizing a side by side infrastructure method.  (Version 6.x current and Version 7.5 future)

Assumptions:  The Symantec Management Platform has been installed, properly configured and endpoints are reporting to Notification Server 6.x platform.

1.       Download the launchclean.vbs file to the NSCap share on the version 6.x server.

2.       Download the agent_clean.bat file to the NSCap share on the version 6.x server.

3.       Located and copy AeXNSC.exe from the Altiris 7.5 server.  Paste the file to the Altiris share (NSCap) on the version 6.x server.

Ensure all three files are in the same directory folder.

Explanation of the files:

1.       The launchclean.vbs file will create a new directory on the local machine (C:\Windows\Source\Altiris7Migration) and moves the files from the Software Delivery Package (Created later in this document) to this new directory.  This is done because we will be uninstalling agents, deleting registry entries and deleting directories and files. (Including the Software Delivery folder) It will than run the agent_clean.bat file.

2.       The agent_clean.bat file will stop the Altiris Agent Service, uninstall subagents, uninstall the Altiris Agent, delete files, delete registry entries and install the new Altiris 7.5 Agent.

****Right click on the agent_clean.bat file and select Edit.  At the bottom replace servername with the name of the SMP 7.5 server.****

C:\WINDOWS\SOURCE\Altiris7Migration\aexnsc.exe /install /ns="servername" /nsweb="http://servername/Altiris" NOTRAYICON /s  >> C:\Windows\Source\Altiris7Migration\myaexnsc.log

3.       AeXNSC.exe is the new agent file that is utilized by the agent_clean.bat file to install the new agent.

Notes:  The GUIDS found in the agent_clean.bat are registry GUIDS and not Altiris GUIDS.  These GUIDS are specific to the version of Altiris and the version of the subagents.  (multiple entries are utilized to ensure the subagents are uninstalled)

If a subagent has not been uninstalled search the registry and find the GUID:


****Software Inventory Agent utilizes the same msi or GUID as the Altiris Software Update Agent.  When  the Software Update Agent  is removed  the Software Inventory Agent will be removed.

The agent_clean.bat uses the /va switch to remove registry. (this keeps the folder structure) This is important to understand because you may find entries of the old NS server name or ip in the registry.  Issues can arise from having these types of old entries.  To remediate the potential issue utilize only the /f as the registry is rebuilt by the new agent installation.

For more information on registry delete you can find it here.

Creating Altiris Notification Server 6.x Software Delivery

1.       Open the Notification Server 6.x console.

2.       Select the Resource tab, Select Resources, Software Management, Software Delivery Packages

3.       Right Click Windows and select New, Software Delivery Package.


4.       Fill in the required fields.  The Package Location is where the files were saved in steps 1,2 and 3 above. (NSCap)


5.       Select the Programs tab

6.       Fill in the required fields.  Make changes to the configuration in accordance with company policy.  Ensure the command line is cscript “launchclean.vbs”.

7.       Select Apply.

8.       Select Update Distribution Points.


9.       From the Altiris Console select the Tasks tab.

10.   Select Software Management, Windows.

11.   Right Click Software Delivery Tasks, Select New, Select Software Delivery Task.


12.   Name the Task.

13.   Click Select a Package and select the package form the list.  The program will auto populate.

Blank Template:


14.   Select the Collection.

15.   Create the schedule.

16.   Enable the Task

17.   Click Apply.

Test Template:


18.   Log into the managed endpoint and check the registry for old NS server information, ensure all old files have been removed, open new SMP 7.5 agent and ensure agents and subagents are installed and the agent is communicating with the SMP.

Source Files provided by Intuitive Technology Group            

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Sorrento's picture

This Article also applies to 7.1 SP1 Agents to 7.5?


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bruno_soares's picture

Sorrent, you can use the same process to migrate.

I am using a like process but is not 100%...

Some cases you need to finish manually...

I will test a new process:

Change de server at Altiris Agent 7.1 with AexAgentUtil.exe and upgrade de Agent with the new Notification Server policy, if its work better of the first, we find out!!!


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