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Altiris Monitor Metrics Applicable to a Server

Created: 24 Feb 2011 • Updated: 24 Feb 2011
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One of the most frequent questions we get asked by server owners and users is "What's being monitored on my server?"  This has always been a a time consuming request, and one that I wished was easily answered.  Without having them go to the real time performance viewer and pull up a list of active metrics, there wasn't a stock report that answered the question.

I liberally stole the following query from the stored procedure named spMonitor_GetAvailableMetricsOnComputer.  What the query will produce is a report of all available metrics that apply to a server based on metric data gathered over the past two hours.  This will give you a very good idea of what is currently being monitored on that server.

 MetricName as "Metric Name",
 InstanceName as "Metric Instance Name",
 SourceName as "Monitoring Point"


  Item.Name AS MetricName, 
  vComputer.Name AS SourceName, 
  MonitorMetricLookup.MonitoringType + 0 as MonitoringType,  
  MonitorMetricLookup.DataType + 0 as ClassType, 
  ItemClass.ClassGuid as ClassGuid 
  SELECT DISTINCT [MetricGuid], [SourceGuid], Instance AS [InstanceName], [InstanceKey] 
  FROM vMonitorAllMetricData 
  WHERE ResourceGuid = '%Computer%'  
  AND [TimeStamp] BETWEEN (select current_timestamp - (2.0/24.0)) AND (select current_timestamp)
 ) summary 
 INNER JOIN Item ON Item.Guid = summary.MetricGuid 
 INNER JOIN MonitorMetricLookup ON MonitorMetricLookup.Guid = summary.MetricGuid 
 INNER JOIN ItemClass ON ItemClass.Guid = summary.MetricGuid 
 LEFT JOIN vComputer ON vComputer.Guid = summary.SourceGuid 
) details 


Now, all you have to do when asked that question, is point your users to the report that I've attached to this article, and let them answer the question themselves. 

Happy monitoring!