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Altiris WorkFlow, Part 3: Enhanced Web Forms

Created: 12 May 2008 • Updated: 12 May 2008 | 3 comments
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In the Part 2 of this series, we walked through the workflow for creating a basic Web form. In this article, we will enhace that example and see how easy it is to add more more components and features to your workflow.

In last example we completed a workflow that would allow training attendees to submit feedback via a Web form.

Let's build on the example workflow we created earlier. We would like to add the ability for our workflow system to compare a user's feedback (a value the user enters) and take an action based on the entered value.

The first step is to search for a component called the "Embedded Rule Model". Drag and drop this component onto the working area. Connect it to be after the form builder and before the "Send Email" component. Now right-click and choose edit Model.

You will now see a new window (similar to the window that appears when you create a new project). The embedded rule model will take the input from the form builder.

Now we need a way to compare the user input (Training Rating) and compare it. So we need the component called "Match Rule". Drag and drop it and connect it.

Double-click on the Match Rule. Now the match rule editor window will appear. On the Evaluation Tape enter the rating options (Excellent, very God, Good, Weak).

Click ok. Note there is an option to use Case Sensitive or not.

Now drag and drop four more End components from Component palette under the Infrastructure category, Flow Control sub-category.

Right click on each END component. Select Edit Component > Configuration
tab > Resulting Path to the respective rating option (Excellent, Very
Good, Good, Weak) then OK.

Click Ok to return to main project page.

Now connect (Excellent, Very Good, and Good) to send Email Component.

Connect the Default to the END component directly.

Now we need the Form builder component. Drag and drop it on the working area. Then right-click on the Form Builder and choose Web Form Editor.

Now the new form window will appear. Drag three labels and two TextBoxes.

If the student chooses Weak option, we want the form to automatically open a new form for the student to enter his mobile number and his new comment.

  • Right-click on the Mobile Number TextBox and choose Edit Component.
  • On the Output Data field enter the name of the TextBox as: MobileNumber.
  • In the Output Data field on the Comment TextBox enter: WeakComment.

Drag and drop a new Send Email Component. Connect it after the form Builder component and before the END Component. Right-click and choose Edit Component from the menu.

Enter the sender and recipient mail address (you can add more than one address) then click on the small square for the subject part.

Enter the message you will use as a subject of the send email. Note the LHS on the below window. There are variables that we use on our forms. If you need to use them, just drag and drop.

After you finish, click ok and connect all components to be like below diagram.

Click on the Execute button (the Orange Icon), then press right click on the composer.aspx and choose Open Browser.

Now enter your Name and your rating (we will enter Weak) and enter your comments.

As you can see in RHS the yellow line indicate where we are now.

Click Submit. Now the new form will appear because you chose the "Weak" rating option.

Enter your mobile number and a new comment.

Also note the yellow line, where we are now.

Click Submit. Now the completion form will appear. Also note the yellow line on RHS.

Open the outlook as see the new email.

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Dominique's picture

Excellent path.

Some comments:
- Match Rules Editor
Add compare to: "Rating

- Web Form Editor:
"The form does not have an outcome component. Do you wish to add one now?
Reply "yes" and type "Submit" in the path

- Email setting:
Now I know the smtp step it works fine for me.Replace "localhost" by your smtp server.

I found out also that there is a "MultilineTextBoxComponent" which is an answer to my question on part2..

Thanks for this excellent description easy to learn and follow.



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Dominique's picture

Also when adding a connection between the "Weak" rating and the new "Form Builder", the existing "Weak" connection should be removed as only one output is allowed.



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fireeyes's picture

Submit if you please

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