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ASDK-Notification Server Csharp Classes

Created: 14 Aug 2008 • Updated: 14 Aug 2008
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Our company is moving to Altiris and we had a need to replicate practices with our current management solution in Altiris. The only way to accomplish our end goal was to roll up our sleeves, get comfy with the ASDK, and script our needs out. I ran into many issues getting started with the ASDK and programming to it in Csharp and I didn't find a lot of documentation or examples to help me through it. There are some things out here on Juice, but I'd like to contribute what I came up with to help out other struggling ASDK'ers.

The ASDK help file outlines how to use the Microsoft wsdl tool to create proxy classes for each of the services the ASDK provides to include in your program. I've done this, but have changed the files slightly so that they weren't server specific and I could specify which NS I wanted to use (we have a bunch of NS's) when I called a function. I also created a "super" class that includes all the separate NS classes into one file. You can pick and choose which classes to add to make your programs as small as possible or you can just include the "super" class and not worry about it.

There are some prerequisites to start using these, in case you didn't know:

  1. ASDK installed on the server.
  2. DotNet framework installed on all computers the compiled program will run on.
  3. Visual Studio, C# installed on the program creators machine. (VS 2008 Express is free and works great)

To use these classes do the following:

  1. Download and unzip the file attached to this article
  2. Create a new solution/project or open an existing one.
  3. In the solution explorer, right click the project/solution name, go to Add, click Existing Item and add the appropriate unzipped class files
  4. Add the line
    	using NSfunctions;

    to the other "using" lines of your project

Use the ASDK help file to find out how to use all the methods that it makes available. They have C# examples for most, if not all, methods.

The ASDK is a powerful tool and adding C# programming to it makes an Altiris admin's life a little easier at times.

I hope this helps all who had trouble like it did getting started.

PS. More to come, I did the same thing for the Deployment Server ASDK and all the other solutions the ASDK supports.

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