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Asset Management Solution 7.X: Software License Compliance by Location

Created: 04 Feb 2013 • Updated: 04 Feb 2013 | 6 comments
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Some organizations purchase license based on locations. This article will help user to generate a report to track Software License Compliance with respect to locations.

Prerequisite before creating report:

  1. Make sure that ‘Installed Location’ filed of software purchase is assigned to the particular location  

  1. Make sure that ‘Location’ filed of Edit/Create page of computer is assigned to same location as a Installed location mentioned above for software purchase.


Steps to run:

  1. Go to Reports --- All Reports ---- Reports  --- Service and Asset Management and using context menu option create new SQL query report
  2. Give name to report as “Software License Compliance By Location”.
  3. Edit the report by Clicking on Edit button.
  4. Add following query parameters.

  1. Put the attached query into “Parameterized Query” section of ‘Data Source’ and click on Save Changes.

Resultant Report:  

Explanation:  This report gives compliance based on location. ‘Microsoft SQL server 2008’ software product displayed in the report is purchased for Pune and Mumbai locations. Purchased, Installed and Compliance quantity displayed in the report is based on the location

Attachment : Software License compliance by

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seabrig29's picture

I like this report a lot.  Its helped out in some situations.  However there seems to be a piece lacking that I cant figure out.  How do I assign the # of Licenses to a particular location.  So if I have 1 purchase order for 100 licenses and I have 4 locations, Do I have to write up 4 different Software Purchase entries and 4 different licenses?  that way I assign the correct number to the correct location?  That seesm to be the only way I can figure out how many each location is suppose to have.  That seems to be a terribly clunky way of doing it.  Wouldn't it be easier to write up a multi line dataclass that allows you to assign the number of licenses to either your enterprise, or split it up to verious locations? 

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Ryan P's picture

I am trying to run this report now and receiving an error occurred on the page. Please check the log for more details. It remarks the DataSource is not runnable.

I copied the SQL from notepad to the parameterized query. Any thoughts on why it would be crashing? And where is this log file located?

I ran the query in SQL Server Management Studio and received this error, 

Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Line 6
Invalid object name 'Inv_Software_Purchase_Details'.

I filtered the views and tables by this, and saw that I simply don't have this table/view. I installed ITMS in its entirety, is there any reason I wouldn't have this table?

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abhishek_rane's picture

Hello Ryan,

As per my understanding, Inv_Software_Purchase_Details should exist in the database if you installed complete ITMS. What is ITMS version that you are using?

Are able to see  Create Software Purchase page?


  1. Go to Home --->. Service and Asset Management ---> Software Licensing   
  2. Right click on Software Purchase and open ‘Create Software Purchase’ page



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Ryan P's picture


Thanks for replyin so quick,

I unfortunately do not have Software Licensing available under the Asset Management page. I included a screenshot showing what I do have. This is a new install of ITMS 7.5 with HF5 applied. The CMDB has very little data in it (basically a test machine or two) - so I am not sure if that is why these tables aren't created.

I had no problems to speak of during the install. Any thoughts?


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abhishek_rane's picture

Hello Ryan, 

There is no need to create Software License Compliance by Location report, as ITMS 7.5 itself providing this report as a new functionality. I have returned this article before ITMS 7.5 Orion release.

I think your ITMS installation has some issue.  Try to reconfigure or repair Altiris Asset Management Solution from Symantec Installation Manager as per the steps mentioned in the user guide.

Please find below image which indicates Software License Compliance by Location report.


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vinayak patil's picture

Hi Team,

Can  we add Usage also in report ?


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