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Automated Email Notification of New Patches. Altiris 7.1x

Created: 28 Feb 2013 • Updated: 28 Feb 2013
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First create a report with the following SQL code (found this on Symantec Connect).

Go into reports and right-click and choose New>Report>SQL Report.

Delete the code that is there and paste in the code below:

SELECT bi.Name, sui.Name, stat.[Status]

FROM ItemStatusAfterPMImport stat

JOIN vRM_Patch_Software_Update_Item sui

   ON stat.ItemGuid = sui.Guid

JOIN ResourceAssociation ra

   ON ra.ChildResourceGuid = sui.Guid

   AND ra.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid = '7EEAB03A-839C-458D-9AF2-55DB6B173293'

JOIN vRM_Software_Bulletin_Item bi

   ON bi.Guid = ra.ParentResourceGuid

ORDER BY bi.Name, sui.Name

This report finds changes within the last file download which contains your patch information.  If there has not been any changes in your latest then the report will be blank for now.

Now click on Manage>Automation Policies.  Click on New Policy.  I named mine “ changes since last import”. 

Set your scheduled time to match your patch import schedule.  We have our server checking for patches every four hours at 4:00 8:00 12:00 etc.  So I set my automated policy to run every four hours starting at 5:00.  This gives the server an hour to finish the process which should be more than enough. 

For your data source choose Report and choose the report you created earlier. 

Set your Evaluation Rule to Run for Each Record.

For your Run job/task I choose System Jobs and Tasks>Notification Server>Automation Policy Tasks>Send automation policy e-mail.

Next click on Edit input parameter and enter the information.  I choose custom for the To CC Subject and Message and select Row as text for the Results.

This gives you an e-mail for each patch that has changed since the last import.  It would be nice to get it all in one email but it's a start.  At least now I have the server emailing me when new patches arrive.

Note: make sure you have "Incremental Import" checked in your "Metadata Import Task" settings.  If you do a full import it will send you an email for every single package it downloads which would be thousands. 

We do a full import about once a month so I have to turn off the automation policy for a day then turn it back on later,