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Blank Subject in Email Causing Ticket to Fail

Created: 13 Jun 2012 • Updated: 13 Jun 2012
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I'm not sure if this is an issue in later versions of Service Desk but unfortunately I am still on SD 7 MR2 and was able to recreate this in our environment consistently.  If a user sent an email to the service desk with a blank subject line and the technician classified the EM as a legit ticket then the Incident Management workflow would some how tack on a title that had nothing to do with the ticket and it was always the same title.  This would cause the task insert to fail in the database and orphan the ticket.  The fix was to modify the SD.Email.Monitor workflow to insert "No Subject" into the email subject variable when a blank subject was detected.  

1. Open the "Check For Specific Email" component in the "ProcessMessage" model

2. Add a "Get Text Length", "Number Range Rule", and "Add New Data Element" component before the "Save Email" end component.

3. In the "Get Text Length" component add the EmailMessage.Subject variable in the Input Variable Name section and add SubjectLength as the Length Variable Name and connect to the "Number Range Rule component.

4. In the "Number Range Rule" component add SubjectLength to the Compare Variable section and change Handle Equals By to MakeExplicit.  Add the number 0 to the Values section.

5. Connect the Less than 0 and equal 0 path to the "Add New Data Element" and the greater than 0 to the Save Email component. 

6. Configure the Add New Data component.

      a. Data Type = Text

      b. Is Array = blank

      c. Value = No Subject

      d. Variable Name = EmailMessage.Subject

The Connections should look as so: