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Chapter 8: Altiris Software Virtualization Solution Logon Hook

Created: 07 Jun 2007 • Updated: 12 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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Altiris® Software Virtualization Solution™(SVS™) Logon Hook lets you trigger SVS actions based on Microsoft Windows* user/group logon and logoff events. You can create and use files that automatically activate, deactivate, reset, import, export and delete layers whenever a user logs into, or logs out of, Microsoft Windows.

SVS Logon Hook is not supported on Microsoft Windows Vista client computers, or Windows 2000 computers.

Topics include:

Logon Hook Components

Logon Hook consists of three components.

SVS Logon Hook .DLL files

The SVS Logon Hook .DLL files must be installed and registered on client computers. These files support Logon Hook functionality. By default the .DLL files are installed to "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Altiris\Virtualization". They consist of:

  • VzHook.dll: The SVS Logon Hook.
  • VzUserSw.dll: A Logon Hook extension for dynamic user software.
  • VzUserSwxml.dll A dynamic user software provider for XML.
User Settings Configuration files

The User Settings Configuration files are administrator-defined XML files with which you define user/group based actions taken when logon and logoff occurs on a client computer. These files define:

  • What users/groups are included.
  • Which layers are included.
  • Where the layer's Virtual Software Archive file (.VSA) is stored.
  • Which actions are automatically performed on a layer when a user logs on.
  • Which actions are automatically performed on a layer when a user logs off.

User Settings Configuration files are created using a tool called SVS User Admin. You place them on a network share and configure client computer's registries to reference them.

SVS User Admin Utility

The SVS User Admin utility is a user interface that lets you create and edit User Settings Configuration files. You must install .NET 2.0 to use this utility.

The SVS User Admin utility is imported into SVS Admin as a .VSA file. You use this tool to create rules that define the actions to perform on a layer when a user/group logs on or logs off. This utility is only required on the computer where User Settings Configuration files will be created and modified.

Logon Hook Prerequisites

To use SVS Logon Hook, you must meet the following client computer and User Admin computer prerequisites.

Client Computer Prerequisites

To use SVS Logon Hook, your client computers require a minimum of:

  • SVS 2.1
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2
  • .VSA access
  • Logon Hook .DLL files

    These are included as a .MSI file with the Logon Hook download.

User Admin Computer Prerequisites

Logon Hook rules are configured using a tool called SVS User Admin. This tool requires the following:

  • SVS Client with SVS Admin 2.1.
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2.
  • .NET 2.0 50727.
  • .VSA access must be available.
  • Logon Hook .DLLs.

    The Logon Hook .DLL files are only required if you intend to test on the User Admin computer. These are included as a .MSI file with the Logon Hook download.

Notes SVS Logon Hook is not supported on Microsoft Windows Vista client computers or Windows 2000 computers.
Installing SVS User Admin To download and extract the files
  1. Download the SVS Logon Hook .ZIP file onto the computer where you want to use SVS User Admin.
  2. Extract the .ZIP file.

    This file contains the SVS User Admin.VSA and the SVS_User_Logon_Hook.MSI file.

  3. Copy the SVS User Admin.VSA to your Virtual Software Package Archive.
  4. Import the SVS User Admin.VSA into SVS Admin:
    1. Open SVS Admin.
    2. Select File > Import from Archive.
    3. Browse to and select the SVS User Admin.VSA.
    4. Click Open.
  5. Activate the SVS User Admin layer:
    1. In SVS Admin, right-click the layer.
    2. Select Activate Layer.

To launch SVS User Admin, double-click the SVS User Admin Shortcut which is placed on the Windows Desktop.

Chapter 7: Altiris SVS Applet

Chapter 9: Using the Logon Hook User Admin Utility

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These instructions are great, but from where can I download the .zip file? Am I going blind? I can't find it anywhere!

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All Altiris products are available for download from, or go to the main page and click the "Download" item on the top menu.

Scott Jones
Product Manager
Altiris, Inc.
Now Part of Symantec

Scott Jones
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Symantec Corporation

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rsfoster's picture

i've been searching the altiris site, as well as using google, and i can't find the logon hook files anywhere. would someone please let me know where to locate them? the download site for the hook takes me to a page to download 3 differnt products, none of which contain the .dll files or the setup file for the svs user admin tool.


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