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CMDB as a Feature

Created: 07 May 2012 • Updated: 13 Jun 2012
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Reasons for the change

Product management had decided that CMDB should be a feature some time ago and has been distributing free licenses to the users. In response to this Asset/CMDB team has made the necessary changes to allow CMDB to be installed without a license so that we no longer have to supply free licenses for our customers. This will save the company and our customers time and resources.

What was done

The change to CMDBItemPage consists of commenting out code that checks for a valid license. Every page in CMDB inherits from this class. An Item ItemToDelete node to the Items_To_Delete file that causes the Item representing the License Usage page under CMDB to be removed from the database. The PostUpgradeSql_Common file has a DELETE LicenseStatus statement added to it that removes all existing CMDB license information from the DB.

Definite Impacted Solutions:

Asset Solution

  • Security changes were made to Asset solution to accommodate the license check. This required that all aspects of Asset solution be retested to verify that no functionality was lost or modified. 

Possible Impacted Solutions:

Bar Code Solution

  • Bar Code depends on Asset. To our knowledge no functionality was broken but due to the dependency we will continue to verify this.