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Command Line Metric Examples

Created: 02 May 2012 | 1 comment
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The sample Command Line Metric below is basically running a script locally stored on the Target Server that was delivered via Software Delivery process.  It gets executed and the results are recorded and if exceeds value X then a trigger occurs.

The following sample basically returns the Disk Volume status on the target server.  The diskscripts.txt was also delivered to the server using software delivery process and simply inputs into the diskpart command the parameters to List Volumes and then the command line metric records the details according to the Instance Column return.

This metric is only recording for reporting.  It can also be used to trigger alarms.

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Hi Joe,

It there any chance of considering an enhancement request for monitor solution? To enable it to execute embedded scripts as well as simple command lines?

Scripts are much easier to read, modify and troubleshoot. Sqeezing everything onto a command-line is tricky -especially for Windows. Where it's possivle to squeeze custom scripts onto a single commandline is results in unreadable (and therefore soon unsupportable) code.

The Software delivery example above is a way out, but it feels  'messy' to rely on other altiris solutions being functional for a monitoring product. It's also many extra steps to implement!

Kind Regards,

Ian Atkin, IT Services, Oxford University, UK

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