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Configure STE with Domain User Account and Upload Packages to Network Share

Created: 20 Dec 2011 • Updated: 20 Dec 2011
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In this article, in short I'll be explaining how to configure Streamlet Engine (STE) with domain user account and upload the packages to network share.

By default all the SWS service will be running under Local account, which meant it cannot access the network share.  If you want to configure the package repository into network location, then you need to change the streamlet engine service, Logon Account from Local account to named account.  To do so, On the Back End machine, go to Run>Services.msc> right click AWE Streamlet Engine>Properties>Log On> Select 'This account:' > Provide a domain account which has administrator privileges. This will enable the STE service run under admin context.   By default, you can only give the local administrator or domain admin account in the “This Account” else Streamlet engine will not start.  

 If you want to use only the domain user account, you can very well do so by providing Read/Write access to that domain user account for Server Install folder.  If you’ve installed server in C:\program files\Symantec\Workspace streaming\Server folder, give Read/Write/Exclusive access for that domain user account to “Workspace streaming” folder and provide the same user account in the “This Account” field for streamlet engine service.  You should be able to start the streamlet engine with domain user account and upload the package to network share provided the given domain user has Read/Write access to the network share.

 For information on configuring the package store in network, refer below article.