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Configuring the DLP Report Pack for IT Analytics

Created: 27 Jul 2012 | 2 comments
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IT Analytics provides cube based reporting for Altiris and other Symantec products.  Currently there are packs for SEP, Altiris, CSP, and DLP.

In order to install the report pack you need to meet the following pre-requisites (NOTE refer to the IT Analytics System Requirements and also the SMP Planning and Implementation Guide):

  1. Symantec Management Platform (SMP)
  2. SQL Reporting Services
  3. SQL Analysis Services

Installing the IT Analytics Pack for DLP

This guide assumes you have IT Analytics and the SMP installed in your environment.  If you currently do not have the SMP and ITA installed, please install these items first (the Symantec Knowledge Base has information on doing this).

Follow these steps to install the DLP Report Pack

  1. Open up the Symantec Installation Manager (Usually found at All Programs -> Symantec -> Symantec Installation Manger
  2. Select "Install New Products" at the top of the Installation Manager
  3. In the available products portion there is a filter for the type of products one call install, change the filter to "NONE"
  4. Select the IT Analytics Report Pack for DLP and select Install

This will pull in all the dependencies and relationships and make sure everything is installed correctly.

Configuring the IT Analytics Pack for DLP

There are also several fields we need to fill out in order for the connection to be complete once the installation is done.  In the SMP navigate to Settings -> Notification Server -> IT Analytics Settings.  There is a folder labeled "Connections" and in my case I have connections for all the products in my demo:

There is a bit of extra knowledge needed to configure these packs, you need to know the Oracle EZCONNECT string to connect to the Oracle DB and process the information in.  Just so you don't have to goolge that like I did it follows the syntax of:

connect username/password@host:port/servicename

Since my demo box is using the default listener port the EZCONNECT string looks like:

connect protect/XXXXXX@

This corresponds to the configuration in the SMP:

Complete the form based on your settings and then we can install the cubes.

Click on the folder labeled "Cubes" and then navigate to the tab labeled "Available" and we will need to select the DLP Cubes and Install them.

Once you have selected them, towards the bottom of the page there is a button labeled "Install" click on that and wait for the Cubes to be installed.

Configuring the DLP Cubes for Processing

One of the strengths of IT Analytics is the cubes are processed off hours from the normal reporting within the Symantec Management Platform and the reporting is then run off of SQL Analysis and Reporting Services instead of the CSP Database.  In order to process these cubes navigate in the IT Analytics section to the folder labeled "Processing"

As mentioned, these cubes process on a schedule, but by clicking on the "Run Now" and the cubes will be processed.

Once the cubes are processed, reports can be run and built using IT Analytics

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DLP Solutions2's picture

I am having a problem with this..

I installed the IT Analytics pack and the DLP IT pack, but cannot get past the first stage of confoiguring the IT Analytics.

Getting the follwing errors..Where was I supposed to create the Analysis server. I thought it di this during the installation?

Analysis Server 'localhost\Sqlexpress' does not exist.

Getting this when trying to connect to the DLP DB..Where do I neeed to configure this?

  • The Oracle OLE DB Provider is not present on the selected SQL Server.
  • Unable to connect with the information provided. Please correct and try again.

Please make sure to mark this as a solution

to your problem, when possible.

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jjesse's picture

Do you have SQL Reporting and Analysis Servers installed on the SQL server you are trying to Install ITA on?? This needs to be configured before trying to install IT Analytics.

Sorry if that wasn't unclear

I think I may have missed installing the Oracle Tools as well, let me dig into that as well.  Can you connect via SQL Plus?

Jonathan Jesse

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