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Configuring Google™ Cloud Messaging (GCM) for Symantec Mobile Management Push Notifications

Created: 09 Aug 2012 • Updated: 09 Aug 2012
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GCM allows information from servers in the site environment to be sent to Android device applications. To use GCM, you need to generate a Project ID, enable the GCM service, and generate a server key using the Google apis website.

  • To enable GCM, you must have a Google Mail (Gmail) account configured on the device.
    Note: For Android 4.0.4 and higher versions, a Gmail account is not required.

Creating a Project ID

Browse to   , then log in using your Google/Gmail account.

Click Create Project

Enabling the GCM Service

Select Services from the left pane, then Scroll down and locate Google Cloud Messaging for Android and Click the OFF control

Then proceed with Terms of service agreement.

Obtaining the project ID

Although “Project ID” is shown in the project Dashboard, however this is not the project ID which should be used while configuring MDM  (a little trick from Google J)

The “Project ID” is the set of numbers shown in the browser URL after creating the project, make a note of this number as it will be used later.

Generating a Server Key

On the left pane, select “API Access”.  Then click on “Create new Server Key”

If desired you can limit the servers in your site environment that will accept requests.

The server key is created and is shown under Key for server apps (with IP locking). You will need this server key (with the project ID created in the previous chapter) for the Symantec Mobile Management. Alternatively you can use “Key for browser” as well but you will have no control over the IP limiting (less secured)

Configuring Symantec Mobile Management GCM

1 On the Symantec Management Console, go to Home > Mobile Management > Settings > Mobile Management Server Settings and click the GCM tab.

2 Enter the Project ID and Server key you generated in the previous procedure.

3 Click Save changes.

4 On the Mobile Management server go to Start > Administrative Tools >

Services and restart the Mobile Management Service Agent.

Mobile Management is now configured to send GCM data to Android mobile