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{CWoC 2010} aila 0.5.0 Release Notes

Created: 19 Apr 2011 | 1 comment
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Release notes:

Changes in this release (since aila 0.4.9, tag revision 565)

  • added top <n> global filter command
  • added from <n> global filter command
  • added not keyword to invert the filtered operations
  • added automated test with an input file to cover all query-shell interfaces
  • added support to account for SoftwarePortal (7.0 & 7.1) web-application

Changes in release 0.4.9 (since aila 0.4.7, tag revision 538)

  • added filter uri-agent command
  • added filter time-taken command
  • added filter uri-webapp command
  • added filter guid command
  • changed the sc-win32 status code to store the value in full, rather than one in three values from an enumeration
  • added scale test using a 3GiB IIS log file
  • added support to handle httperr log files (the schema defers from the IIS w3c schema as the cs-uri-stem and cs-uri-query sections are aggregate in a cs-uri field)
  • added accounting support to the TaskManagement web-application uri-stem
  • added cygwin support to provide Windows user access to the numerous changes and benefits brought since 0.4.3
  • added install / uninstall commands to the Makefile Changes in this release (since aila 0.4.4, revision 496)
  • refactored the core file (aila.c) to keep functions concise and to the point
  • made the top store dynamic to provide user chosen limits to it (so we can implement the print top n guid or print top n ip functions)
  • refactored cache_dump to offer formatting options to consumer
  • moving accounting section out of the parse process (so we can do it on demand)
  • implementing hierarchical shell, with: * default shell (root)
    • print shell
    • filter shell
    • exec shell
  • implemented print top n ip | guid shell options
  • implemented filter shell commands:
  • filter c-ip <ip address>
  • switched the project to a use make, to ensure portability and standardize (the compilation was previously done on shell script)
  • added time-taken field to csv output * moved the store max entry to 64 million requests

Changes release 0.4.7 (since aila 0.4.3, tag revision 483)

  • Implemented a set of store interfaces to abstract the chunk store internals for the consumer. The chunk store is now read using open_store() and read_store() functions. 
  • Adding query shell base interface to print cache data only
  • Re-instated top-entry store (rough version) to support the query-shell print cache functions
  • discontinued native Windows builds

Changes release 0.4.3 (since aila 0.4.2, tag revision 451)

  • string store is backed by a binary tree rather than an array, yielding large performance improvement (specially for large files)
  • add support to account for ClientTaskServer web-application
  • dynamic header loading * minor change on the event logger functions
  • refactored the parse_line function to streamline processing
  • refactored parse line to use size_of() rather than hard coded string length
  • Added guid search on the Client Task Server requests
  • Storing guids in the request details now, so these can be retrieved per requests

Diffstat between release aila 0.4.3 and aila 0.5.0:

The diffstat shows the amount of work that went on to add new features, correct new or old bugs and test aila (to ensure it deliver accurate information and covers user needs). It's clear from this that aila.c has changed a lot (given the file is barely 1,500 lines today) and into the query shell (qeury_shell.c), with a fair share going into the chunk store (chunk_store.c) and in the string cache (string_cache.c)

 trunk/aila/Makefile                           |  197 ++
 trunk/aila/aila.c                             | 1708 +++++++++++++-------------
 trunk/aila/aila.h                             |   41 
 trunk/aila/aila_enums.c                       |  197 ++
 trunk/aila/aila_enums.h                       |   44 
 trunk/aila/aila_structs.c                     |  127 +
 trunk/aila/aila_structs.h                     |   70 +
 trunk/aila/binary_tree.c                      |   61 
 trunk/aila/check_options.c                    |  115 -
 trunk/aila/check_options.h                    |   30 
 trunk/aila/chunk_store.c                      |  438 +++++-
 trunk/aila/chunk_store.h                      |   48 
 trunk/aila/compile                            |   14 
 trunk/aila/                   |   18 
 trunk/aila/                 |    7 
 trunk/aila/event_logger.c                     |   72 -
 trunk/aila/event_logger.h                     |   41 
 trunk/aila/helper.c                           |  183 +-
 trunk/aila/internal_enums.c                   |  145 --
 trunk/aila/internal_enums.h                   |   12 
 trunk/aila/internal_structures.c              |  127 -
 trunk/aila/internal_structures.h              |   13 
 trunk/aila/msg_str.c                          |   51 
 trunk/aila/msg_str.h                          |   17 
 trunk/aila/msg_str.txt                        |  174 ++
 trunk/aila/query_shell.c                      |  873 +++++++++++++
 trunk/aila/query_shell.h                      |   29 
 trunk/aila/string_cache.c                     |  404 +++++-
 trunk/aila/string_cache.h                     |   50 

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For the curious, the sources are here on Symantec connect and on the Google code site:

And of course, if you build from source using the _latest tag (see the blog post on the first link above) you are only 2 commands away from running 0.5.0: 'svn update; make'.

Ludovic FERRÉ
Principal Remote Product Specialist

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