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Displaying the Organizational View Structure via SQL

Created: 10 Feb 2014 • Updated: 10 Feb 2014
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When you go to "Manage > Organizational Views and Groups" and select either a Org View or an Org Group, if one or more Org Groups contain resources, the Organizational Group column will display the sub-group hierarchy as a single string value, by seperating each node by a backslash:


The following query will allow you to target either an Org View or an Org Group so that you can see this same representation by directly interrigating the database:

declare @parentGuid uniqueidentifier;
set @parentGuid = N'Guid of Org View or Org Group goes here';
declare @folders TABLE (  ScopeCollectionGuid uniqueidentifier
                        , ParentScopeCollectionGuid uniqueidentifier
                        , BaseGuid uniqueidentifier)
declare @OrganizationalGroup TABLE (ScopeCollectionGuid uniqueidentifier
                    , OrganizationalGroup nvarchar(1000))

INSERT @folders
SELECT DISTINCT ScopeCollectionGuid = fbf.[FolderGuid]
, ParentScopeCollectionGuid = f.[ParentFolderGuid]
, BaseGuid = ISNULL(ipf.BaseGuid, fbf.FolderGuid )
FROM FolderBaseFolder fbf
INNER JOIN ItemFolder f ON fbf.FolderGuid = f.ItemGuid
LEFT OUTER JOIN ItemPresentation ipf ON ipf.Guid = fbf.FolderGuid
WHERE fbf.ParentFolderGuid = @parentGuid
AND f.[IsFolder] = 1;

WITH Hierarchy AS (
select f.ScopeCollectionGuid, f.ParentScopeCollectionGuid, f.BaseGuid, CAST(s.String as NVARCHAR(1000)) [String]
from @folders f
INNER JOIN String s ON s.BaseGuid=f.BaseGuid AND s.StringRef='' AND s.Culture=''
where f.BaseGuid=@parentGuid
select f.ScopeCollectionGuid, f.ParentScopeCollectionGuid, f.BaseGuid, CAST(h.String+'\'+s.String as NVARCHAR(1000)) [String]
from @folders f
INNER JOIN String s ON s.BaseGuid=f.BaseGuid AND s.StringRef='' AND s.Culture=''
inner join Hierarchy h ON f.ParentScopeCollectionGuid = h.ScopeCollectionGuid
INSERT @OrganizationalGroup
SELECT h.ScopeCollectionGuid, h.String
FROM Hierarchy h

/* Example: using the @OrganisationalGroup table variable in a query */

SELECT vi.Guid, vi.Name, og.OrganizationalGroup
from vItem vi
inner join ScopeMembership sm
on sm.ResourceGuid = vi.Guid
inner join @OrganizationalGroup og
on og.ScopeCollectionGuid = sm.ScopeCollectionGuid