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Email the Contract Owner When a Contract is About to Expire in AMS7

Created: 04 May 2010 • Updated: 10 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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The Asset Management Suite, version 7 (AMS7) comes with three pre-defined automation policies. One notifies the system administrator 30 days before a contract is due to expire. The other two are for 60 days before and 90 days before expiration.

There are 6 out of the box (OOB) contract types listed under Home > Service and Asset Management > Contracts.

They are:

  1. Contract
  2. Lease Schedule
  3. Master Lease
  4. NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)
  5. Service Agreement
  6. Warranty

Software Licensing also uses the Base resource type of Contract and therefore has an expiration date.

All contracts also have field for an assigned User or Owner. This would be someone that is responsible for the contract.

The OOB Automation Policies are configured to send the notifications to the system administrator. If your organization assigns owners to contracts you would most likely want the contract owner to be notified instead. There are three easy steps to change the existing Automation Policies to have that behavior.

  1. Go to the Automation Policies (Manage > Automation Policies) and find the Contract policy you would like to change.

  2. Click the Edit Query link
  3. On the first tab, Query, click the Create Joins

  4. In the pop-up screen:
    1. Leave it as LeftOuter
    2. Type vUser in the next field
    3. Select OwnerNSGuid in the left On field
    4. Select Guid on the right
    5. Click OK
  5. Click on the Fields tab and add Email.

  6. Click the OK button to close the Query window.
  7. Click on the link at the bottom of the automation policy screen to Edit input parameter.

  8. In the To_Email field, select Email. Click OK and Save Changes.

One consideration that you need to take care of now is what happens if a contract does not have an assigned owner. I would suggest that you make the system administrator the default owner for all new contracts.

  1. Go to Setting > All Setting > Service and Asset Management > CMDB Solution > Default Values

  2. Click Contract
  3. Set the Contract's Assigned User to a user with an email address that you want to receive any contract expiration notices where the owner (or assigned user) has not been changed to someone else.
  4. Click OK to save the setting.

Now when you create a new contract the Contract's assigned user will be the user you selected for the default. The entry can be deleted using the red X icon and a different user selected.

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For more accurate information, please see the procedure in the article "Configuring contract expiration notification policy to send an email notification to the contract owner" (

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You have document about configuration of warrany of desktop and laptop

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We only have general concept of managing the configuration items and contracts (incl. warranties) documented in the Asset Management Suite 7.1 SP2 User Guide:
Chapter 5 - Managing configuration items
Chapter 8 - Managing contracts

The User Guide is located at:

If your issue has been addressed, please use the "Mark as Solution" link for the relevant thread.

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