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Enable SSH access on your PGPUS - step by step guide

Created: 18 Jan 2013 • Updated: 23 Jan 2013 | 1 comment
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First of all, I prepared this tutorial for everyone who wants to enable ssh access without study admin guide and so on. So below you can find full step by step instruction with sample images how to enable it.

You can find this instruction attached in pdf format so if you would like to send it to your coustomer or something like this you are ready to go just download, attach, send ;)

Remember only three things (if you would like to change something in your PGPUS via SSH):

1. If you would like to write something in command line via SSH on your PGPUS you have to be authorized in writing by Symantec Support.

2. Changes can be implemented only by a Symantec Partner, reseller or Symantec Technical Support.

3. All changes hae to be summarized and documented in a text file in /var/lib/ovid/customization on the PGP Universal Server itself.

If you want to use SSH access for troubleshooting, logs checks and any other read only operations you are ready to go by your own without any agreement from any other and without worries about symantec support.

So lets start.

1. First of all you need to have puttygen on you computer. You can download it at

2. When download will be completed just open puttygen. You should see something like this, select SSH-2 DSA and change default value to 2048. After that click Generate button.

2. Now move mouse cursor several times in key area to generate random values.

3. When key generation process will be completed type your password for your keys and save public and privite key to disk. Remember to store your private key and password in really secure location becouse you will use it to log into your PGPUS via SSH with root privileges.

4. At the end copy public key informations.

5. Now you can login to PGPUS web console at https://your_pgp_server:9000

6.In next step go to System=>Administrators and click admin account.

7. In new window click plus button to import public key information.

8. I new windows select Import Key Block and paste public key information copied from putty gen and click Import button.

9. When import will be completed you should see SSHv2 Key informations. Click Save button to accept changes.

10. Now download putty client from and open it on your computer. Provide your PGPUS ip address or hostname.

11. Now go to Connection=>SSH=>Auth and browse for your private key saved on your computer. After all click Open button to connect with PGPUS.

12. Accept server key by licking Yes button.

13. In SSH console type user as root and when you will be prompted for password type your key password you set in putty gen.

14. And your're in. You are now ready to go with PGPUS and SSH access. Good luck:) and remember you can only make some read-only task other changes or implementatiotions your're making  on your own risk and without symantec support.

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I would recommend that you make sure and protect your key file with a passphrse. The screenshot 3 shows how to do that. This prevents someone from accessing your keyfile and getting into the server without also knowing the passphrase to your key file as well.

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