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Enable Your Data in the Cloud, Don't Bring It to The Cloud

Created: 08 Dec 2011 • Updated: 08 Dec 2011 | 6 comments
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Many companies are looking for solution to enable their end users to work more and more in the cloud. And that is not an easy task to do as you have to be aware of many problems that arise.

You need to be able to support all kinds of devices and still try to manage your data.

Security should be set to the maximum when you enable end users to work with the data in the cloud and you have to be aware for viruses and other stuff that can harm you.

And last, but not least: How about laws?

During my visit in London a few weeks ago we asked a lot of companies some questions:

  • Are you enabling data from the cloud?
  • Is this a hosted solution?
  • Are you thinking about Dropbox, or other hosted solutions?

The answers surprised me a lot.

Over 90% of the UK companies can not enable their data from within the cloud as laws forbid them to upload specific data and because there is no control on who can access the data.

The problem is that they want their data to be in the cloud so that end users always have access, but the data needs to stay on the servers and storage where it resides now.

Searching for solutions they discovered that there are no on premise solutions available at the market that allows them to share their data in the cloud without uploading it to the cloud.

I asked them what they needed to consider a solution that enables them to enable users to access their data in the cloud. Their answers did not surprised me:

  • Secure access through SSL tunnels
  • Virus scanned data access
  • Permissions based for access and file level security

DinamiQs has such a solution and through this article I want to introduce this piece of software to the Symantec community. And because it is almost Christmas I give all Symantec members a free to use lite version with no restrictions.

DinamiQs Hybrid Cloud portal Lite enables administrators to build a cloud enabled storage space.

How does it work?

You build a Windows 2008r2 server. This server gets 1 public IP address that you connect to an URL: like

The Windows 2008r2 servers should be configured as follow:

  • Fully patched to the latest level
  • Antivirus on it (In our environment we run SEP12.1 and live update runs every hour to ensure latest level for zero day exploits)
  • Windows firewall enabled.

Then you install the DinamiQS Hybrid Cloud portal software on it and configure it by following the admin guide. Create a certificate as described in the admin guide.

You might change the style of the portal by following the admin guide.

After rebooting the server, end users can go to the URL you choose.

They will get a logon screen where they can enter their Active Directory username and password or use their Radius token to get secure identification access to the portal.

Then they can go to My Data and they will see their home drive there and 1 department share.

The enduser can browse the files and folders, create new folders and upload the data. Also they are able to move data from the home drive to the department drive or back and even rename documents is enabled.

When the end user goes to My Data with an Ipad the data can be  managed, or stored locally with cloudreader, Ibooks or other programs on the Ipad.

If you want to see and experience how it works, go to

Logon with the credentials supplied there.

Username= Demo01

Password= Welcome01

This is a live demo of how it works (it takes a few moments to load):

Double click to play - or download the link at the bottom of this article to view.

DinamiQs Hybrid Cloud My Data is a cloud portal for your data.

  • There is no need to upload the data to the cloud.
  • You keep responsibility over your data
  • You need to make your own backups
  • No people outside your company can have access to your data
  • Data stay's where it is. ON YOUR OWN STORAGE

You want to have the free version?

The free version gives your end users access to their homedrive through active directory and 1 share that all users can share their data on. If you need more shares? There is a normal version that has the ability for 4 shares and a pro version that contains entry points for 20 shares.

How to get the free version?

Send me an email or PM me through connect. I will then supply you with a special Symantec account on the portal that enables you to download the software and the guides that you need to setup your solution.

The Pro version contains lot's of more functionality. Like publishing your SWV virtualised applications through the portal

The applications are published and rendered through our HTML5 compiler so that there is no need to have local software or apps to be installed on the endpoint device. Through this technology adding a desktop to the portal is as easy as give end users permissions to see the tab and create a backend VDI desktop to connect to.

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SebastiaanvdM's picture

I have seen the live demo of the product. The potentional of the portal is nice and the cost of implementing low.

We gave it a go (demo, not live) and it works charming. We are currently figuring out if we want and need it live.

Keep up the developement, Erik!

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Edwin3010's picture

Seen the demo of this portal and i'm still impressed of it.

We will see more of this portal. I'm sure off it.

Keep up this awesome development Erik, great job..

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erikw's picture

Thank you all for your comments.

In the last 4 weeks over 100.000 end users now accessing their data through our portal, and the amount grows very fast. It might be the fastest secure data access platform ever.

Companies where struggling with enabling their data in the cloud without uploading it to the cloud and loosing control. Now there is a solution.

A school started using the Portal for all of their students. usually we gave every student an USB stick as we needed to keep control on the data that goes into our network. But lost sticks where a management nightmare as a lost or broken stick needed to be replaced.

Now with the Hybrid Cloud portal for half the costs every student does not only have his USB stick data in the cloud, but the collaboration tools within the console also helped us to adress multiple other problems.

Regards Erik Dinamiqs is the home of VirtualStorm (

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Subbaiah's picture

Looks great .

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Meenakshi Sundaram's picture

Nice and interesting one...

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