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Exporting a CCS-VM Database to PostgreSql

Created: 12 Nov 2011 • Updated: 06 Dec 2011
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If you want to do CCS-VM intergration with any Other Reporting tool then you have to export CCS-VM database to PostgreSql. To export CCS-VM database to PostgreSql follow below steps:-

1. Install Postgresql on any machine.

2. Create New database (nexpose in my case) and login roles (saneh in my case).

3. Edit the pga_hba.config file to add CCS-VM server Ip address in trust domain.

4. Login into CCS-VM Server and Install PostgreSql ODBC drivers.

5. Goto Control Panel  -> Administrative Tools -> ODBC Data Source Administrator.

6. Click on System DSN tab and then Click on Add.

7.Select PostgreSql ODBC Drivers and Click on Finish.

8. One new window will open. Enter all the details like Data Source, Database name, PostgreSql Server IP address, Username and Password and then Click on Test. If your Connection is successful , then click on Save.

9. Double click on nsc.bat file to launch CCS-VM manually.

10. Login into CCS-VM web Console and Click on administration Tab.

11. Click on Manage Data Warehousing.

12. Enter the IP address of system where you install postgresql.

13. Enter Port no used by Postgresql. (Default port no is 5432).

14. Enter database name.

15. Enter Username and Password.

16. Click on Schedule Tab and check Enable data export.

17. Enter start date and time to export database from CCS-VM to PostgreSql and Click on Save.

18. You can verify from your CCS-VM console that whether CCS-VM start exporting database to Postgresql or not.

19. To view database of CCS-Vm. Open PostgreSql -> nexpose (your database name) -> tables.