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Get Process Contacts

Created: 13 Jun 2012 • Updated: 09 Jan 2013
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Collaborators: SymantecWorkflowTeam, Chan Eil Fhios
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Component definition

This component retrieves all contacts associated with a process.

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Definition of component input value or values

Input Value Name Input Value Data Type Req'd Example Format Explanation
From Current Process Boolean Yes   If checked, use the contacts attached to the current process. If not, a Context ID for the process to use will be supplied.
Execution Context ID String *   An Execution Context ID for the process whose contacts should be retrieved. This is only required/available when "From Current Process" is not checked.
Output Data Name String Yes   The name of a variable to store the list of contacts in. This variable will become available to all components that follow this in the flow.

*When the field is required is described in the "Explanation" column.

Definition of component output value or values

Returns a list of "Process Contacts" in a variable using the name provided in "Output Data Name" above.

Connection information


Component settings


Use case

Notify Primary Contact

A common use case would be to notify the primary contact on a workflow that some event has occurred. In this case, all the contacts would be retrieved from the process using this component, the primary contact would be filtered from the collection of contacts and the Reference Name of the primary contact would be used to send the email:

[Example 2]

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