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Guide to the Ultimate Packaging Virtual Machine [XP/Windows 7]

Created: 17 Jul 2013 • Updated: 17 Jul 2013
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This is my guide to the the ultimate clean packaging virtual machine.

This guide covers in steps what I do when I create a packaging machine in VMware Workstation.
This can also be used in other virtualization software like: Hyper-V, VirtualBox etc.

- Remove USB
- Remove Printer
- [Optional] Remove Sound Card

After OS installation (Easy Install) remove the following: 
- Floppy

Things to do in the Operating System:
- Install Windows Updates
- Turn off system restore
- Disable antivirus
- Disable windows updates
- [XP Only] Disable windows security center notifications
- Do not install Microsoft Browser Choice Screen Update for EEA Users [This is only applies to EU based virtual machines]
- [XP Only] Do not install Windows Search 4.0
- Enable local administrator account and remove other accounts from the computer
- Optional Enable auto logon using "control userpasswords2"
- Optional Disable UAC
- Remove Printer Microsoft XPS Document Writer
- [Windows 7 Only] Remove Printer Fax
- [Windows 7 Only] Action Center, Turn off all Maintenance messages
- [Windows 7 Only] Action Center, Turn off all Security messages
- In Folder Options -> Enable show hidden files and folders
- In Folder Options -> Remove tick from Hide protected operating system files
- [Optional] Add VMware Shared Folders if used

Snapshot the machine so you have a clean machine without any SWV/SWS installed.
Install the version of SWV you are using, and create another shapshot.

You are now ready to package applications and have a easy way to revert to a clean machine.

Happy Packaging yes