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How To Add a Status Drop-Down To The Reclassify Form

Created: 30 Jul 2012 • Updated: 30 Jul 2012 | 3 comments
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One of the things I don't like about ServiceDesk is the inability to set the status of the incident that is being worked. This is a standard functionality in any Helpdesk/Service Desk product and allows the worker to set what the current status of an incident really is and not one dictated by the workflow. To enable this functionality I added a status drop-down to the Reclassify form allowing workers to change the status and disabled the automated status changes in the workflow.

1.Open the SD.IncidentManagement project and click on the Initial Diagnosis model

2. Find the Initial Diagnosis component and double-click on it

3.Click the Interaction Setup tab and scroll down to the Reclassify model and click edit

4. Click the [...] button on the Dialog Model

5. Drag and drop a Get Process Status component as shown below

6. Configure the Get Process Status component

7. Double-click on the Edit Impact / Urgency / Priority form. Make the form bigger and add the Status drop-down as shown below

8. Configure the new Status drop-down component

9. Add statuses that you want to appear on the drop-down. For this example I used Open, On Hold, Pending Info, Pending Approval, Responded, Subtask Completed. The last two are statuses that are used by the workflow and should be added. If the current status is Responded and you don't have that on the list, when you open the form it will automatically set it to Open. The same will be true if the current status is set to Subtask Completed or Reassign if they are not on the list.

10. The final configuration should look like this

11. Find the two components below and delete the Get Process Status Component and disable the Set Responded Status

12. The two components deleted and disabled

13. EDIT, PLEASE READ: Drag and drop a Set Process State/Status component AFTER the Is Status Already = Responded component to the not equals path and NOT as shown in the picture. This will do a check to only change the status if it has changed and not everytime.

Configure the Is Status Already = Responded component with CurrentStatus and CurrentProcessStatus

14. Configure the Set Process State/Status component as shown below

15. Find the Log History embedded model and double-click it

16. Disable the Set Responded Status and On Reassigned components

18. Search for the Log SubTasks Creation embedded model and double-click on it

19. Disable the Set Responded Status and SubTasks components

20. Search for the Subtask Resolved component. You can either keep this or disable it but basically it sets the status to Subtasks Completed when a subtask is done but you may not want that.

21. Save the project, publish to the server and reset IIS and test

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Nice one Aryanos!

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Thanks, we needed this feature and I'm sure a lot of other companies do as well. I know that SD 7.5 won't have a status drop-down and I hope they reconsider this in the next revision because the ability to change the status on an incident is a basic feature included in every other ServiceDesk/Helpdesk software.

I like my beats fast and my bass down low

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I would love to add this. Unfortunatly, it looks like we have a different version of Workflow. I have no Reclassify option.

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