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How Can I Run Tasks/Jobs On a New Client in Automation Without Initial Deployment?

Created: 26 Feb 2013 • Updated: 26 Feb 2013
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Presently in Deployment Solution, the Initial Deployment feature allows users to boot an unknown client into an automation pre-boot environment (e.g., WinPE 2.1) and select a job/task from a pre-populated list. When Initial Deployment engages, it forces the population of certain required tables/values in the database in order to properly allow scheduling of those tasks/jobs.

If Initial Deployment is not used - either by manual cancellation or not being enabled - this forced population does not occur. Since these tables don't have the necessary values, tasks/jobs will not have the new client listed as an available target resource. These tables will eventually be populated when the Delta Resource Membership runs (either forced manually or on schedule), which will allow the task/job to be scheduled.

Often, though, there will be situations/environments in which Initial Deployment is not an option, nor is forcing a Delta Resource Membership Update every time a new client is attached to the environment. In order to workaround this, the attached SQL trigger can be added to the database.

The following trigger is based on the "Inv_AeX_AC_Identification" table. When a new client connects and sends in a basic inventory and is in our automation preboot environments, the trigger will pick up the necessary values and populate them into the correct tables.

*NOTE: If a preboot automation environment besides WinPE 2.1 or Linux preboot included with Deployment Solution is used, the trigger will need to be modified.