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How to Create Symantec Management Agent for Distribution

Created: 11 Jul 2013
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How to Create Symantec Management Agent for Distribution

These instructions will walk you through creating a Self-Extracting Executable using WinRAR (

I have attached a PDF with screen shots to this article.

Note: WinRar is free for a limited time but ultimately has to be purchased to be officially licensed to use. 

The folder and vbs names can be changed as needed, but will need to be reflected in the code provided in this document.

1.       Obtain the AeXNSC.exe file:

· The easiest way you can obtain the AeXNSC.exe file is by using a web browser such as Chrome, or FireFox and go to the following URL:  nserver represents the Notification Server the agents will pull their configurations from: http://nserver/Altiris/NS/Agent/AltirisAgentDownload.aspx

Note: If you use Internet Explorer it will automatically try to download the EXE and a CAB file that will attempt to silently install the Management Agent rather than just downloading the AeXNSC.exe file by itself.

2.       Once you have the AeXNSC.exe move it to a folder with the name of your choice.

·  In this example the folder name is “SMAgent”

3.       Create a VBScript (.VBS) file using a text editor such as notepad to insert and modify nserver in the following code:

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

WshShell.Run ("%TEMP%\SMAgent\AeXNSC.exe -s -a /nsweb=http://nserver/altiris /ns=nserver NOADDREMOVE NOSTARTMENU /s")

Note: nserver represents the DNS name of your notification server.  Be sure to use http or https as it applies to your server. The parameters can be modified to suit your needs but these are the most common settings (Installs silently, it is not listed in Add/Remove programs, and does not add files to Start Menu).

4.       Save the file and place it in the same folder as the AeXNSC.exe.

·   In this example the vbs file is named InstallSMA.vbs

5.       Once both files are in the same folder back up one level so you see the folder itself.

6.       Right Click the folder and Select “Add to SMAgent.rar”

7.       Double click the new SMAgent.rar file to open it within WinRar and click the SFX button.

8.       Open the ‘Comment’ tab and copy and paste the following:

;The comment below contains SFX script commands





9.    Once you click OK, a new SMAgent.exe file will be automatically created next to the SMAgent.rar file. 

10.   You can close WinRar and the executable is now ready for distribution