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How To Go Straight To The Customer Survey

Created: 30 Jul 2012 • Updated: 30 Jul 2012
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When the survey email is sent out to the user, they must click on the link that takes them to their incident to review and then click another link to go to the survey. Wouldn't it be nice if they can go straight to the survey from the email link? Here's how to do this.

1. Open up SD.IncidentManagement and click on the Customer Confirm Resolution model

2. Find the Survey Task Workflow Dialog and double-click on it

3. Click on the Event Configuration tab and then the [...] button

4. Double-click on the Thank you Body component

5. Delete the ProcessViewerPageURL link and replace it with ResponsePageLink

6. Save and close the project. Open up the SD.CustomerServiceSurvery project

7.  Click on SD.CustomerServiceSurvey at the base of the model list. Click on web.config and then edit

8. You can edit this using Notepad or WinWord. Search for authentication mode and change it from "None" to "Windows" and save

9. Click on the Primary model on the left hand side and look for the ServiceDesk Login Component. Delete this component

10. Search for Get Current User and drag it to the project. Configure it as seen in the screenshots

11. Search and drag a Split Text Into Collection component to the project and configure as seen in the screenshots

12. Add the Active Directory library and then search and drag a Get Users With Details to the project. Configure it as seen in the screenshots

13. Search for a GetUserByEmail and Single Value Mapping components and drag each to the project. Connect and configure them as shown in the screenshots

Now we're going to map some variables. The UserInfo.PrimaryEmail goes to Email, UserInfo.DisplayName goes to Name and UserInfo.UserID goes to UserID

14.  Click on SD.CustomerServiceSurvey on the left hand side of the model list and go to the Properties tab. Configure the AD information you need to connect to your AD servers

15. Click on the Publishing tab and change the Web Authentication Type to Windows Authentication

16. Save your project. Deploy both SD.IncidentManagement and SD.CustomerServiceSurvey to your server. reset IIS and test