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How to manually restart SEP embedded DB service in order to repair SEPM

Created: 28 Jan 2011 • Updated: 01 Feb 2011
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While opening Symantec Endpoint Protection Console the progress bar gets stuck at some point and does not continue further.

Both SEPM and DB services are up and running. Restarting SEPM service does not make any difference. A restart of Embedded DB service fails with an information that an account used for that purpose has insufficient rights, despite the fact that OS session is opened with admin account with full privileges. Afterwards, a start/stop/restart option disappears.

When troubleshooting Embedded DB in ODBC and trying connection with correct credentials, ODBC itself freezes and blocks completely. A restart of entire OS is necessary.

Symptoms and Errors

When clicking on "test connection" ODBC freezes and cannot be unlocked.

SEPM Database service pops up with an error while trying to restart it.

Client is not able to log in to http://localhost:8014/reporting- after splash screen the page is loaded indefinitely

No errors or warnings are detected in Event Viewer. No errors are detected in scm-server logs.

Traditional repair of SEPM or Configuration Wizard fail to proceed as DB services cannot be properly stopped before going further with repair.

Recognized Cause

For some reason Embedded DB service fails to authenticate account used to open Windows Session. Thus, a corrupted embedded database executable (dbsrv9.exe) cannot be properly repaired.

Working Solution

Assign administrator account manually to Embedded DB service in services.msc, then ask the service to remain stopped after restart. Afterwards, repair the SEPM and follow Configuration Wizard.

The same works without the repair, simply restart DB service with customized administrator account and then test connection in ODBC before opening SEPM.