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How to Prevent Numerous Tickets Being Created From the ‘Undeliverable’ emails

Created: 24 Jul 2013 • Updated: 24 Jul 2013
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Sometimes it may get annoying when someone's mailbox is unreachable and then a number of "Undeliverable" emails can bounce back to ServiceDesk monitoring mailbox resulting new 'EM' tickets. This is a simple filtering configuration that can be done in the SD.Email.Monitor project.

1. Open SD.Email.Monitor project

2. Go to ProcessMessage model

3. Double-click Check For Specific Emails embedded model component                  


4. Double-click Text Contains Multiple Text Rule for “Out of Office” component on the Text Exists in Email Subject component ‘exists’ output path.


5. In the Compare To List add ‘Undeliverable’ line and click OK to save the changes.


6. Click OK out of the embedded model and publish the project.

Note: The above steps will apply to ServiceDesk 7.5 versions.

In ServiceDesk 7.1 versions we are using a Text Contains Rule component which checks for a single line but it can be replaced by Text Contains Multiple Text Rule component, then following the same steps as listed above.