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How to view email traffic in the MTA of Brightmail Gateway

Created: 03 Feb 2011 • Updated: 02 Mar 2011 | 2 comments
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At times we see this traffic to confirm that the work of the MTA is running and so you can see in detail what the source of the problem.

For this reason, we will use the command line Brigthmail (Linux):  tail

First of all, we must enable DEBUG mode for the MTA logs from Control Center> Administration> Settings> Logs.


Select the Debug mode. And then you click on SAVE. We will notify you restart Brightmail Gateway. Click on Restart Now.

NOTE: By default Brightmail log stores up to 50mb. Another consideration to keep in mind is that to implement these changes, Brightmail is restarted.

Once set up this point, we enter the console of Brightmail, via SSH or directly connecting a keyboard and monitor to the appliance.
We enter the admin user credentials. Then we enter the following command:

> tail-f maillog

In this way we begin to see traffic.

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is possible to extend the maillog retention (of the symantec messaging gateway) up to 7 days ?

I have the Maximum log size to 8g, the Days to store log data before deleting to 10 days, the
Log Expunger frequency to 7 days, the Message Audit Logs to 10 days and the Maximum number of log data to be retrieved to 1000 under administration > logs for all the scanners, but dumping the maillog via utility > diagnostic always report oly the last 24h, more or less.


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Is there no reply whether the MTA log size can be increased? Can we keep logs for at least a month?
What's the trade-off of having this log file too big (disk space not an issue on our box).

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