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Information Security and Employee Communications

Created: 28 Feb 2009 • Updated: 27 May 2009
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Company information takes many forms including: intellectual property, customer information and transactions, and employee confidential information. All of these types of data require safeguarding as part of day-to-day work processes. Information security is not solely the job of a few individuals within an organization. Rather, all company employees should be educated and empowered to protect company data.

This document provides guidelines and recommended best practices for promoting information security, encouraging all employees to make it a priority, and using Symantec Data Loss Prevention to enforce company policies and change employee behavior. Some organizations may already have established information security initiatives and others may be considering how best to develop and implement policies. Many Symantec Data Loss Prevention customers use their implementation as an opportunity to launch or re-launch a company-wide information security initiative. Some notify their employees that they have or will be deploying a data loss prevention solution and to expect notifications of violations, while others keep the policy enforcement solution under wraps and focus on communicating and improving their security policies and educational efforts. The decision about how much to communicate is dependent on company culture and overall information security goals.

The guidelines and best practices in this document are intended to help customers re-engage with employees and improve existing company information security efforts or develop a baseline information security communications plan. Symantec Data Loss Prevention can support both of these goals.

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