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Install PGP Cluster Server - Graphical Steps

Created: 25 Feb 2013 • Updated: 25 Feb 2013 | 5 comments
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According to the previous article Introduction to PGP Clustering, PGP Universal Server supports cluster mode to synchronize with each other. Here are the graphical steps to install a PGP cluster server:

1. Install the first PGP Universal Server normally in the first node, then, in another node, run the PGP Universal Server installation wizard, choose the setup type as to install a cluster member:

2. Fillin the network information:

3. Confirm the server information:

4. After click Done button on the previous step, there will be a restarting:

5. After the server restarted, input the license for this second Universal Server which is the same as the first one.

6. Input the IP or Hostname of the first Universal Server:

7. Check the confirmation information:

8. Then this second server will wait the first one the establish and complete the clustering process:

9. Log into the first Universal Server:

10. Select 'system' --> 'Clustering', click 'Add Cluster Member...':

11. Input the Hostname or IP address of the second Universal Server:

12. Click 'Save' button to return to the Clustering page:

13. Click 'Contact' button on the Clustering page, the replication process will start:

14. Log into the second Universal Server, the page will change to 'Replicating Cluster Data' automatically:

15. After the replication process finished, the state of these two Universal Servers will display as green:


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I refer to this but when finish only master green and member do not replication is this fault ?

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Did you ever tried to run the replication manually?

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Nice article !!!!!!

Thank& Regards,


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I have a question. The above works fine if we have two servers in cluster with different hostname/FQDN e.g. and with respective DNS records configured properly. Now lets assume that both servers are running same services which are KMS and web messenger and mail proxy service is disabled. What would be the configuration if we want to failover + load balance these two servers using DNS round robin and at the same time allow external users to be able to locate PGP keys of our internal users.

So in this case do we need to assign same hostname and different IPs to both servers? i.e.

If yes what would be the steps to configure cluster properly. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong and also suggest the right solution.



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