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Integrating your Patch Trending Site to the Symantec Management Platform (Part I)

Created: 26 Nov 2013
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As we have seen in previous articles [1] or download [2] it is now very simple to add Patch Compliance trending to your Symantec Management Platform. 

However the solution provided operates outside of the Symantec Management Console. So we will look at how to integrate the Patch Trending site and graphs into the Management Console, to further simplify management and increase visibility over the patch compliance trends.

In Part I (this article) we'll integrate the full trending site into the Management Console.

In Part II we will integrate the charts into the console right click options, so anytime you right click on a bulletin you can access the current trending charts [3].

Part I: Integrating the Patch trending Site into the Management Console

Here is the starting point: the PatchTrending site is external to the Management Console. So to access it users must know or be given the url.


We will do this integration from the "All Settings > Notification Server > Console > Menus" editor.

Under "Home" we will add "New > New Item":
We will name the new menu entry "Patch Trending":
And set it to show the patch trending home pages ("/Altiris/NS/PatchTrending" by default):
Once we have saved the menus with our newly added item, we can access the new site under the "Home" menu entry:
We have now just integrated the Patch Trending Site into the Symantec Management Console: