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Inventory Solution 7.x Fixed and Known Issues

Created: 06 Sep 2011 • Updated: 17 Nov 2011
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I've compiled a list of known issues, reported by Symantec customers, for Symantec Inventory Solution in both 7.0 and 7.1. This list contains the following details:

  1. Defect number - used by Symantec to track the known issue.
  2. Found in Version - This is the version the issue was orginally reported from.
  3. Description - This is the abstract of the issue.
  4. Fixed in Versions - This includes what versions the issue is fixed in. Some issues only contain 7.0 versions, and the issues are typically only found in 7.0 versions. Some contain both 7.0 and 7.1 as the issue was fixed for both versions. Issues found only in 7.1 will only have a 7.1 target version.
  5. KB Article - This is the KB ID of the knowledgebase article that is used to report and update on the issue.
Defect ID Found in Version Description Fixed or Targeted Versions KB Article
1820923 7.0 SP1 Error: UI Thread Failed to Impersonate Logged on User - Referencing AMAgent.dll 7.0 SP2 TECH44220 
1835893 7.0 SP1 Inventory Plug-in Policies are not replicable 7.0 SP1 HF KB47975  TECH45005 
1857375 7.0 SP1 The Software - Common - Audit data class is missing from the Advanced data class menu tree in Inventory 7.0 SP1 Working as Designed TECH45710
1867249 7.0 SP1 Inventory 7.0 SP1 Add Remove Programs Search Report does not include Stand Alone Inventory data 7.0 SP2 TECH45970
1870868 7.0 SP2 In Resource Manager numeric value for “Chassis type“ is displayed instead of laptop/desktop 7.1 TECH168598 
1882477 7.0 SP1 Webpart report does not show an accurate count of basic inventory systems ITMS 7.0 MR1 TECH46432
1882642 7.0 SP1 Monthly Summary data not collected for Newer Adobe Applications containing 'Square' brackets in Version Information 7.1 TECH46446 
1890612 7.0 SP1 Monitor Agent - Install /Uninstall Never Terminates on Machine with Metering Agent Installed. 7.1 TECH41979 
1895350 7.0 SP1 The Inventory Policy page fails to load, unknown, unspecified error, 100% exceeded message in the logs 7.0 SP2 TECH46954 
1918025 7.0 SP1 7.0_SP2: Corrupted program names with Add/Remove inventory with Russian and Ukrainian language 7.0 SP2 TECH168599 
1920379 7.0 SP2 ‘Email Notification’ send by application metering policy should show proper Information. 7.0 MR2, 7.1 TECH168600
1923298 7.0 SP1 Inventory task causes the altiris agent to crash when Office 2007 is installed on Spanish Systems 7.0 SP2 TECH47721
1926534 7.0 SP1 Faulting application aexnsagent.exe, version, faulting module AMAgent.dll, version 7.0.1104.0, fault address 0x0004927b 7.0 MR1 TECH121837
1932255 7.0 SP2 Application Metering application monitoring and blacklisted application policies are editable at child server after replication 7.1 TECH168605 
1933030 7.0 SP1 Software Scan: Fix the Auditplus not to report duplicate entries for the data files everytime the data files (*.pst etc) would get updated. 7.0 MR1 TECH46358
1946787 7.0 SP1 Application Metering conflicts with some 3rd Party Applications - Applications Fail to Load. 7.0 MR4 TECH140046
1947082 7.0 SP2 Inv_Software_Component MinorVersion column cannot accept "0-B11". Column type is Int32. 7.0 MR4, 7.1 TECH168606
1956129 7.0 SP2 The resource manager report implemented for the Chassis data class does not show the column names. 7.1 SP2 TECH127210
1957444 7.0 SP2 Incorrect value is displayed for Free slots (in Total Number of slots) in Hardware summary page 7.1 TECH127414
1960282 7.0 SP2 Filter Windows Computers requiring Inventory Plug-in upgrade contains incorrect version information for HF 5 7.0 MR4, 7.1 TECH122093
1961602 7.0 SP2 Audit Software Search Report times out on larger database (6k+ computer and 500k+ file resources) 7.0 MR1 TECH158793 
1972759 7.0 SP2 Unable to scan specific files added via File Properties Scan Settings. 7.0 MR1 TECH168607 
1977303 7.0 SP1 Reports show innacurate data when a Client Computer belongs to two or more 'scopes' 7.1 TECH168609 
1982458 7.0 SP1 HF2 7.0 Hardware Inventory spiking the CPU up to 90% during the scan 7.0 MR3, 7.1 TECH122250 
1982646 7.0 SP1 Altiris Agent is hung. AexAgentUtils can not reset. 7.0 MR1 TECH127208
1993505 7.0 SP2 AMAgent.dll is unregistered if the 'Installation Task' is executed after the Application Metering Plug-in has already been installed on a client computer. 7.0 MR1 TECH45035 
2005703 7.0 SP2 Report "Count of Distinct Add or Remove Programs" in the inventory/windows/add/remove programs tree... is slow and prone to timeouts. 7.0 MR4 TECH168611
2008718 7.0 SP2 Bug in the UI controls, specifically Manage Custom Data Classes, more than 16 entries causes issues 7.0 MR1 TECH127257
2011302 7.0 SP2 Disk Space by Computer report - Errors when querying data from 1TB or larger drives. 7.1 TECH127700 
2013677 7.0 SP2 Drilldown mismatch for "Not Reporting" section of "Basic Inventory" bar on "How current is my computer Inventory?" webpart report. 7.0 MR1 TECH46432
2020723 7.0 SP2 Inventory Summary task causes duplicates in the hardware and OS data class summary tables on the parent NS server in a hierarchy 7.0 MR4, 7.1 TECH168612 
2025930 7.0 SP2 Imported custom data classes do not populate the Manage Custom Data Classes page 7.0 MR4, 7.1 TECH127381 
2029705 7.0 SP2 Hardware Summary page: Incorrect number of total/free memory slots, for example "5 (3 free)" instead of "4 (2 free)" 7.0 MR3, 7.1 TECH127414
2036761 7.0 SP2 Errors with Inv_OS_TimeZone dataclass when WMI does not have Caption/Description 7.1 TECH127473 
2036812 7.0 SP2 Inventory Policies custom schedule default to run with Server Time - Default option should be Client time 7.1 TECH168613 
2048044 7.0 SP2 HW Chassis: The data class does not report inventory for docking stations 7.1 TECH168614
2049475 7.0 SP2 No drill down results associated with Disk Usage by File Extension report 7.0 MR4, 7.1 TECH127572
2049562 7.0 SP2 Duplicates entries for some applications appearing in inv_installed_file_details data class 7.0 MR2, 7.1 TECH127576
2049743 7.0 SP2 UG User Account Windows: Missing user profile size value in ns7. 7.0 MR4, 7.1 TECH168615 
2051688 7.0 SP2 File types added to the File Rules in Inventory Solution are not getting captured if entered, for example, as MDF, PDF, MP3 (*.MDF etc works) 7.0 MR3, 7.1 TECH127599 
2060805 7.0 SP2 Resoure Manager Software Summary view shows a detection method of 'MSI Scanner' for Macintosh applications. 7.1 TECH168617
2062721 7.0 SP2 Cannot include or exclude the X: drive in an inventory policy 7.0 MR2, 7.1 TECH127694
2066103 7.0 SP2 SW Patch Windows: does not get populated on the client computers prior to Vista ( Win 2k3,Win xP, Win 2k ) if the value of InstalledDate for patch updates in not present in the registry. 7.0 MR2-MR4 PF, 7.1 TECH133252
2075134 7.0 SP2 Inventory Policies still taking a long time to load on version 7.0 SP2 MR1 7.0 MR3, 7.1 TECH133344
2076016 7.0 SP2 Stand Alone Inventory data is not always fully processed at the Notification Server 7.0 MR3, 7.1 TECH140973
2091779 7.0 SP2 The Resource Manager's Hardware Summary page is not accessing the Last Configuration Request properly 7.0 MR4, 7.1 TECH133483
2096372 7.0 SP2 Unable to post standalone Inventory to the Notification Server. AeXInvCollector.exe is making an HTTP call that is denied, causing the posting of Inventory to fail 7.0 MR4, 7.1 TECH136482 
2106926 7.0 SP2 Inventory tasks and policy credentials are not accepting a period '.' in the user-name 7.0 MR3, 7.1 TECH137458 
2110900 7.0 SP2 Some reports fail to execute under a custom security role 7.0 MR4, 7.1 TECH127448 
2113171 ITMS_7.0_MR1 Program which is supposed to be 'denied' can start when run many consecutive times - Application Metering Agent becomes flooded with denial information. 7.1 TECH168618 
2129009 ITMS_7.0_MR1 App Metering - Modified Denial Policies 'Inform User' message does not display app name or policy name if customized. 7.1 TECH168619 
2135184 7.0x Allow Admins to control the SMFAgent > Software Discovery throttling from Inventory task/policy UI. 7.1 TECH168620 
2167578 7.0 SP2 Machines by Operating System webpart/report shows inaccurate data 7.1 SP1 TECH168621 
2167582 7.0, 7.1 SP1 Program which is supposed to be 'denied' can start when run many consecutive times - Application Metering Agent becomes flooded with denial information. 7.1 SP2 TECH168622 
2167779 7.0 MR2 Modifying a Blacklisted application results in "unknown or unspecified error" 7.1 TECH168624 
2177599 7.0 MR2 The throttle setting for randomizing the sending of Inventory data does not appear to be working, Inventory is sent immediately upon completion 7.0 MR3 TECH142282
2192542 7.0 MR2 Report of Systems not Windows 7 capable drop down of Free harddisk space causes page error 7.1 TECH143668
2195338 7.0 MR3 Upgrading the Inventory Agent to 7.0 SP2 MR2 Agent, the installation fails, leaving the Agent unregistered or incomplete 7.0 MR4 TECH143896
2204873 7.0 MR2 "Manufacturer" and "Product name" fields are not populated in Software Summary section of Resource Manager 7.0 MR4, 7.1 TECH121864 
2209834 7.0 MR2 The Report for detecting Hardware changes uses USB drives as part of its calculations - it should not do this 7.1 SP1 TECH145152 
2210047 7.0 MR2 User Groups section of the Hardware Summary page returns group membership for all resources for each User instead of the specific resource 7.0 MR5, 7.1 SP2 TECH145172
2211659 7.0 MR2 InvAgent.dll crashes on Windows XP when XML is not valid 7.0 MR4, 7.1 TECH168626 
2220135 7.0 MR2 Inventory only reports a single page file, when computers have multiple page files defined 7.0 MR5, 7.1 SP2 TECH146134
2222899 7.1 SP1 Hardware Inventory Search report is showing duplicate entries for all computers. 7.1 HOWTO10733
2223927 7.0 MR3 Hardware Summary SP is inefficient, can cause the Daily Task to timeout or hang. 7.0 MR4, 7.1 SP1 TECH168628 
2248139 7.0 MR3 Hardware Summary in Resource Manager reports twice as much memory as a system possesses in some instances 7.1 TECH148798
2251656 7.0 MR2 Unable to cast object of type 'System.DBNull' to type 'System.String' when trying to view the filter 'Windows Computers Requiring Application Metering Plug-in Upgrade' 7.0 MR5 TECH168629
2251659 7.0 MR2 Unable to cast object of type 'System.DBNull' to type 'System.String' when trying to view the filter 'Windows Computers Requiring Inventory Plugin Upgrade' 7.0 MR5 TECH168629
2253818 7.0x, 7.1x AMAgent.dll/InventoryRuleAgent.dll causing SMA Instability and crashes, various 7.0 MR4 PF, 7.1 SP1 PF TECH154758 
2281370 7.0 MR3 MR3 is not removing captured files that have been upgraded or updated, MR2 this worked fine 7.0 MR4, 7.1 TECH153765
2291794 7.0 MR3 When trying to view the Software Summary within Resource Manager for a computer, the view times out and shows no data 7.1 SP2 TECH154172
2325195 7.1 Standalone Inventory page does not work over a secure connection (SSL) Investigating TECH168630 
2327251 7.0 SP2 "Installed Software" report not showing complete results 7.1 SP1 TECH168631 
2340412 7.0 MR2 Inventory in Altiris 7 is not capturing make and model information for monitors, Inv_HW_Desktop_Monitor shows fewer results then Inv_Logical_Device using the same collection areas of EDID & Win32_DesktopMonitor 7.0 MR5, 7.1 SP2 TECH157394 
2341494 7.1 Inventory plug-in crash (invapi.dll) 7.1 SP1 TECH158477 
2343077 7.1 WinZip pre-defined software filters need to be reviewed for proper company name. We aren't associating to product. 7.1 SP2 TECH168632 
2348535 7.0 MR3 Logical Devices data capture fails on Korean Windows XP machine. 7.0 MR5, 7.1 SP1 TECH150045 
2403218 7.1 The SQL for the Installed Software Report is not optimized, the report performance is slow 7.1 SP2 TECH162706
2411300 7.0 MR4 In Manage Custom Data Classes if you add more than 20 attributes to a data class you can only edit or delete the first 20 attributes. 7.1 SP2 TECH162417 
2415014 7.1 SP1 Count of Computers By Form Factor Drill Down report improperly displays Asset Tag instead of Serial Number. 7.1 SP2 TECH162804 
2416071 7.1 SP1 Windows Computers Requiring Inventory Plug-in Upgrade Target has poor SQL performance 7.1 SP2 TECH162927
2422177 7.1 SP1 Inventory Policy pages do not load, but show an access denied message to any user who tries to access it 7.1 SP2 TECH163459
2433981 7.1 SP1 Software Components that are moved to Unmanaged Software re-appear in Newly Discovered Software after the Nightly task runs. 7.1 SP2 TECH164736
2486603 7.0 MR2 Inventory only reports a single page file, when computers have multiple page files defined 7.1 SP2 TECH146134
2486638 7.0 MR2 User Groups section of the Hardware Summary page returns group membership for all resources for each User instead of the specific resource 7.1 SP2 TECH145172
2490852 7.0 MR4 Running Inventory Policies are overwhelming the LDAP authentication server Investigating TECH168633 
2496449 7.1 SP1 ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS: Application Metering causes issues with SEP resulting in 7009 Service errors in the environment. 7.1 SP2 TECH168634 
2516056 7.1 SP1 The Hardware Summary for the Resource Manager timesout when viewing for a Site Server or the Notification Server 7.1 SP2 TECH167817
2519158 7.0 MR4 While Inventory is scanning, intermittently an error window appears generated by the AeXAuditpls.exe. All Inventory is successfully captured despite the error Investigating TECH168047
2519191 7.1 SP1 "How current is my inventory" web part does not work with SQL 2005 Investigating TECH168057
2520712 7.0 MR4, 7.1 Inv_HW_Storage reports disk size for USB multi-slot readers that don't have any media inserted Investigating TECH168363 
2520781 7.0x, 7.1x Inventory Policy Task Runs view shows the same time for both the Start Time and End Time for each instance Investigating TECH168636 

All information is provided for convenience when reviewing known issues within Software Management. This contains information from both Software Management Solution and the Software Management Framework.

NOTE! The Fixed in Version Column is provided for tracking purposes. Versions listed that are not yet releases are not a guarantee the fix will be included. It is possible a fix will be deferred to another future release. The information is in no way a statement of commitment to future versions of the Product.