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iPhone NS Web Console Concept, Take 2

Created: 04 Mar 2008 • Updated: 15 Oct 2008 | 4 comments
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I noticed a lot of people looking at the iPhone NS Web Console are using Internet Explorer. I'm guessing because they do not have an iPhone. Viewing this in Internet Explorer will result in a poor UI experience.

I thought I would create a video showing you what this looks like using an iPhone.... Check it out!

The video is an 8 MB WMV file. It's contained in a zip file called

I would like to thank Chad Garrick for filming and putting together the video and Zachary Gramana for new Juice look and feel idea.

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jeremyboger's picture

I don't have an iPhone. I did check it out previously in IE. It didn't look as bad as you made it out to be. I did just now, however, check it out using my Blackberry. Although I can't use my Blackberry like an iPhone, it did look almost as impressive on it as the iPhone in the video. A job well done on this website.

Jeremy I. Boger
Network Technician
MSD of Lawrence Township

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setral's picture

I have to agree with you jeremyboger, the works and does exactly what it needs to do on my PPC WM6 w/ IE. Looking at the two, doesn't look exactly the same, but the information is there.

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rstaats's picture

Yea, I'm happy with it in WM5 IE... it works very well and the display is fine.

Oh, and I can use a stylus or D-pad for greater precision. :P

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jjesse's picture

Saw the link in an article on

The iPhone 3G could make mobile management legit, if only...

Talks about management companies and the iphone.

Jonathan Jesse
Director of Training
ITS Partners

Jonathan Jesse

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