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IT Analytics Solution 7.1 - Ports and Data Flow

Created: 11 Jul 2012 • Updated: 30 Nov 2012 | 2 comments
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Ports Used by IT Analytics

This article illustrates which ports are used for a successful installation of IT Analytics.  All of the ports listed are default ports for the service provided.  Each of these ports may be mapped to a different port number in an effort to provide enhanced security.  If you cannot access a service, contact your DBA to determine the actual port numbers used.  Also contact your network administrator to determine if the ports are open through the firewall.

For a default instance installation, ensure that the following ports are open:

  • Symantec Management Platform and Reporting Services – 80, 443
  • SQL Server - 1433
  • SQL Analysis Services - 2383
  • Kerberos – 88 (if required)

For a named instance installation, ports are assigned dynamically to SQL Server and Analysis Server. Please see the following articles listed below for specific configuration.

  • Symantec Management Platform and Reporting Services – 80, 443
  • Configuring specific ports for SQL Server
  • Configuring specific ports for Analysis Services
  • Kerberos – 88 (if required)

Data Flow Within IT Analytics

  1. When the Cubes are processed, data is read by IT Analytics SQL queries stored in the Symantec CMDB for the Symantec Management Platform where IT Analytics resides.   Data is retrieved using a series of views using linked server calls to the target databases.   Typically this occurs on a daily basis but is schedulable to fit the needs of the customer.
  2. Data is stored in Analysis Server Cubes.
  3. Data is read from the cube using MDX queries.  These are run as needed to fetch data for reports, dashboards and pivot tables.
  4. Report server provides web services front end to data.  Data can be retrieved through either the report server’s IIS website or from the Symantec Management Platform console.
  5. Data is presented in dashboards and reports.  This might be presented on a large monitor on the wall or on a user’s computer.
  6. Data is read via Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables in the Symantec Management Platform Console.
  7. Data is presented within the Symantec Management Platform Console

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Nice diagram.  Please advise which ports are used to connect from the ITA server to the Symantec Endpoint Protection SQL database?

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IT Analytics uses the default SQL port 1433 to connect to the SEP Manager database. If 1433 is not the default port configured on SQL, you can always specify the correct port when setting up the connection within the IT Analytics configuration page by using the format 'SERVERNAME:XXXX' (where 'XXXX' is the actual port number).

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