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Key Tasks in Patch Management Solution for Windows 7.1 SP2

Created: 11 Apr 2013 • Updated: 12 Apr 2013
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Patch Management Solution for Windows lets you inventory managed computers to determine the software updates (patches) that they require. The solution then lets you download the required software updates from the software vendor and provides you with the tools to install the software updates.

In the following table are links to articles that explain the key tasks and topics in Patch Management Solution for Windows.
Task Description Article link
Download software updates metadata 
You must download the Windows software updates catalog (patch management metadata, or patch management import files) before you can download software updates or create software update policies.
Configure the update files storage location and create custom severity levels You can configure to which location the software updates should be downloaded. You can also create custom severity levels that you can later apply to software updates. HOWTO63800
Configure the software updates installation settings You can configure when the software update plug-in can install software updates and restart the target computer.


Configure the system assessment scan interval The system assessment scan lets you periodically gather information which is then used to determine which software updates the managed computer requires. Based on this information, filters are automatically created to assist with the targeting of software update policies.


Run compliance and vulnerability reports You can view and manage your patch management data through reports. Reports give you the information that is specific to Patch Management Solution. For example, you can use compliance reports to determine how many urgent software updates your managed computers require.


Review and distribute available software updates To deliver and install the software updates to the appropriate computers, you must create software update policies.



Evaluate the patch distribution results The Windows Software Update Delivery - Details report summarizes the results of all scheduled Microsoft software update policies. It shows you which computers the software update tasks target, and if the updates have been successfully installed. The report also shows you if any software update tasks failed, or if they have not yet completed HOWTO63815
Replicate patch data in hierarchy
You can download the patch files once to a single parent Notification Server and the use replication rules to send the relevant data to any number of child Notification Server computers. 
Replicate updates language settings
Different Notification Server computers within a hierarchy may manage different patch management language resources. The Patch Management Language Alerting replication rule ensures that child Notification Server computers only receive data and software update policies for their managed languages.
Replicate the software updates catalog After downloading Windows software updates catalog files and importing data to the parent Notification Server computer, you can replicate the data to any number of child Notification Server computers. HOWTO63811
Replicate a software update policy  You can save time and resources by replicating existing software update policies to child Notification Server computers. HOWTO63812