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LDAP/AD Integration in CCSVM

Created: 17 Oct 2011 • Updated: 02 Nov 2011 | 1 comment
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Hi guys,

If you want to configure LDAP/AD integration in CCSVM, then simply follow below steps:-

1. Click on Administration tab.

2. Under Administration tab click on CCSVM Security Console.

3. Click Authentication and then Click Add.

4. Click on enable authentication source.

5. Write any name suppose test.

6. Write your LDAP/AD server ip.

7. Write Ldap/AD Server Port 389 (if you are using http) or 636 (if you are using https).

8. Check requires secure communications if you use SSL.

9. Click on AD.

10. Write any valid login id (suppose your own id).

11. Write valid name (your own name as define in AD server).

12. Write valid email (your own email id).

13. Now save this.

14. Next step is to create user. Now go back to Administration tab and click on create user.

15. Write username of any user (Same Username as present in AD).

16. Write Full Name (Same as define in AD).

17. Write email address.

18. Now Save this.

19. Now try to login with AD credentials of the same user you created in last step.

We successfully logged in with AD credentials.

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